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Firecrackers tasting like the nastiestnast

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by higherfire, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. Has this happened to any of you

    You eat to many firecrackers and eventually you would rather eat leaves picked straight off the tree with a little insect on it then taste firecrackers again...

    Im half way through a firecracker right now and i just dont know if i can stomach this taste any longer haha
  2. Sorry but its your fault, should've just smoked it IMO
  3. Everytime man, Everytime lol

  4. id smoke but i have walking pneumonia so my lungs dont want none of that
  5. Don't make firecrackers, they taste like shit and only work half as well if you put that bud towards some oil or butter.

  6. dont worry man after gagging every bite of the way i will NEVER make them again in all of my years
  7. I made three my first time and lost one of them... ya know...
    Although I got high as hell, I decided not to make any ever again! Haha I'll try other edibles when I get my own place.

  8. hahah i made three too, two in the oven one naturally, this is the third and the taste has gotten to me

    i recently made a milk shake with 5.3g already vaped bud... i kid you not high for over 9 hours, like fucked up high
  9. I let mine sit in foil and wax paper for ten days. No oven. I wonder which taste worse.

  10. Oh, sorry dude. Try making brownies?
  11. Should have used nutella man

  12. Um based on my experience i gagged more on the no oven one... but i think its just cause its third one i at this week... atleast it still had the peanut butter and graham cracker texture.... When theyre cooked the peanut butter hardens and the graham crackers are hard so they suck
  13. do firecrackers really taste that bad? I only tried brownies and such and I like the taste of weed in it

  14. I generally thought i liked the taste of weed, brownies in my opinion taste really good, firecrackers didnt taste that bad when i first ate them but ive aqquired a hatred for the taste, i also use about a gram on it so its a lot of herb to eat
  15. they're not that bad, c'mon man.

    wash it down with a glass of milk or something.
  16. Yeah, they're nasty as all fuck. The first time I had 'em I could barely finish it and really didn't think I could hold what I had eaten down. Really only worth making if you absolutely don't have the time to make butter, or can't make it because of where you live/who you live with.

    The high is honestly pretty great though, imo. Real nice body stone. Still not worth it if you can make real pot cookies/brownies with cannabutter, though.
  17. my dad says he likes the taste of the pb. wish i could say the same. hardest 4-5 bites of anything i ever tried to eat. makes me want to gag every time. currently tried just cooking the PB without crackers and making a PB&J sandwhich to see if i could hide the taste with jelly. tastes a bit better but the crunchy taste of the stuff mixed with the pb is still making me feel bleh
  18. I'd say cook the peanut butter bud mixture in a dish without the crackers and then strain the peanut butter with a whisk strainer

    really easy and it gets all the bud bits out of the peanut butter
  19. Pinch your nose and eat fast. Have a soda or something nearby.

    All you can do.

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