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{?} Firecrackers Question

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by gunner9218, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. I recently read a tut on how to make some, actually the one stickied, and so when i was putting the weed on it I misread on how much to put on each one. I'm not sure how much i put on each one. I do know that i weighed out .5 of some good bud and just used .5 all together on three crackers with pb. So my question is should i just eat all the crackers I made and get the same effect as eating one with .5 for one cracker, or will the effect be diffrent? :smoke:
  2. Eat all three but you probably wont get much from it.

    It has been stated over and over that if you wish not to waste your time to use about 1g per person.
  3. ok i just ate all of them, hopefully how good my bud is will help with the amount i used. If not ill just make more with 1g
  4. Most people will get ripped of .5 grams but all depends of your tolerance and digestive system
  5. Not necessarily...

    My friend is an everyday toker and I hit him with a .6g firecracker once and he was gone for hours.

    Im not an everyday toker, but I made a few .5g ones that have gotten me blazed as well.

    And ALL that was just from MIDS!

    So not necessarily, its more about the process and getting the MOST out of the fern, than the amount on it most times.

  6. Well it looks like a had a little high, not much a little body high. It did last aroumd 4 hours though. I liked them so much I just put 2 .5 each crackers in the oven just now. Its pretty dank called watermelon kush. Hopefully that would help. I also put a lil cooking oil in the peanutbutter to help thc attach itself to the peanutbutter oil. Will post back with results 10 more mins of cooking :hello:

  7. Haha sounds like you got a small feel for it. This time you gonna be toasted lol.

  8. Hell Yea they worked, IT took a little longer to kick in around 1 and a half hours to kick in. It was pretty long so i was thinking it wasnt going to work..again. But then while i was on my computer my dog was sitting right beside me and i looked at her and just bursted out laughing. I have no idea why. Right after that my whole body felt like it was high. This lasted for 5 straight hours. I loved it. Deffinitly doing this again!!

    Edit: also the taste was actually pretty good. The watermelon kush had a sweet flavor to it so i didnt mind the taste at all. I actually finished a whole one pretty quickly because it tasted good.

  9. Haha sounds like a good time man.

    Same thing happens to me, it usually starts with a burst of laughter [my friends are stupid, and i usually make firecrackers for all of us, and we all chill] and after I laugh, i get incredibly high and keep climbing.

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