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firecrackers made with kief

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by supertoker1, May 14, 2010.

  1. so me and my friend were thinkin about making some firecrackers to try them out. so i went through my stash to get some green but i saw my keif collection and thought if i made it with kief we would only need on firecracker each and only a smal amount of kief to really fuck us up. i just wanted to see if any of you have tried this? or have any comments? help plz :D thnx
  2. i only use kief for my firecrackers, its like a little treat after ive gone through a good amount of bud.

    For me kief firecrackers are the only way to go. i just hate getting all of that bud in my mouth and with kief, you hardly taste anything but peanutbutter and grahm cracker.

    Use the same instructions as you would with strait up bud. It took me 2 whole hours for it to kick in, but when it does, ohhhhhshiiit it does

  3. Are you talking about smoking straight kief? Never tried that but I can't imagine it works too well. I just always top my bowls with some kief or make hash.

    Oh and fun fact for the day. If anyone vaporizes like I do, make a firecracker with your remains and you've got the best painkiller/sleep aid you can't buy.
  4. id say about .5-.8 each cracker depending on your usage level

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