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Firecracker success and question.

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by DeletedUsername123, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. So Friday evening I made two firecrackers, with Jif Peanut Butter and Ritz Crackers. I put half a gram in each one. On Monday I had my first one and I was at GONE with a nice body high and and stayed there from 6PM to about 7AM. (I recently took about a month long t-break) Earlier today, I had the other and felt a very slight head high for about 15 mins. First off, what could I have done that messed up the second one, and second, is there anyway to make it taste better? That had to have been the worst tasting thing I've had my entire life!:eek:
  2. Oh god. I made firecrackers for the first time last weekend. It was torture to eat, because i had no appetite and was full as shit. I Couldn't finish them all. You can try putting some honey on the crackers and eat it that way, tastes a little better.
  3. Not really any way to make them taste better. Just gotta deal with it. Drinking mescaline tea is something that I don't think anyone ever looks forward to. Just think about how you're not doing that haha.

    If you really don't like the taste, just make cannabutter and make cookies or brownies, or even spread the butter on toast or a bagel.
  4. Did you eat the 2nd one on a full stomach or anything like that? I doubt you screwed it up if one was fine in the same batch
    Sounds like maybe you just got super high the first time and now you're getting a typical high from the 2nd one. It usually takes a bit more weed to eat then just .5g on a firecracker to get nice and stoned
  5. For the taste use oreo cookies (with the cream off) just make more of them since they are smaller, but I found the taste was much better and that they were not as hard as when done with crackers or ritz.
  6. I always thought firecrackers tasted fine, guess I'm used to eating stuff that tastes horrible
  7. Oral consumption always raises my tolerance for a few days. always best to wait a week or so between consumption.

    Put a couple of chocolate chips in with the PB to improve the taste.

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