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Firecracker Question

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dannk!, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Well I'm thinking about making some firecrackers tonight and have a question. My little bro is very allergic to peanuts so we can't have any peanut butter in the house. We have this stuff called peabutter (tastes just like the real stuff), ingrediants:

    peas, canola oil, icing sugar, hydrogenared veg. oil

    7 gs of fat in tbl spoon

    Now 7gs of fat is quite abit so I should be good on that aspect, but I have heard(not sure) that canola oil does not work for cooking pot.

    What do you think, should I give it a go?
  2. it will probably work judging by the veg/canola oils

    you could probably get away with heating up some parkay 'fake' butter before dumping your herb in

    if you do make sure you use at most a gram between 2 firecrackers

    I made the mistake of overloading peanutbutter with herb...I lost like 7 hours woke up zonked out like an aids patient on maranol
  3. compare the fats to peanut butter. if theyre similar you should be ok
  4. well there are other alternatives

    leary biscuit - its pretty much the same but you use cheese instead


    -1 ritz cracker
    - 1 teaspoon butter
    - 1/2 slice of cheese
    - amount of cannabis you would like to use probably around a gram

    if you were to do it in the microwave put it in on 10% power for like 35-40 seconds until cheese is melted but if you want better effects you can put it in the oven and wrap it in tinfoil at like 300 degress for 20 minutes in a pre heated oven and that wont be losing thc that the microwave will burn

    just spread the butter on it and sprinke your finely broken up cannbis on it and add the cheese
  5. Baking now! :D

    Threw abit of butter in there just to be safe, will kepp you posted.
  6. 1st Update:

    Injested: 15 mins ago

    Effects: Great feeling all over, slight change in vision. Tonight is going to be good! :hello:
  7. 2nd Update:

    Meeeeeeeeeeeega baked, ++++++++++Rep to the first hippie who invented this even though they probly don't have a GC account. hahahahahahahaha
  8. someone needs to try it with a hotpocket or frozen mac 'n cheese

    anything you can add butter to is probably fair game for bud stuffage
  9. lmao how the hell you gonna get it in a hot pocket? those things are frozen rocks

    OP:how much weed did you use?

  10. lol i was just thinkin, get one of those liquid flavor injecter syringes, take the hot pocket out 1/2 through cooking, inject some of that sweet melted butter, let it cook The rest of the way, lol i suppose this also workes with burritos, Doguhnuts whatever you want.
  11. yep :)

    could use that lame ass ron popiel solid flavor injector to put whole nugs in all sorts of good...enough fat in meat you could probably work with that
  12. ooooh i didnt think of that, i see that informercail all the time, good call
  13. anyone gonna try this?
  14. Only .5 of a g, going to try in with a full g in the next few days.
  15. DON'T

    step it up slowly .6 .7 ect

    a gram put me out for hours in a firecracker the bud was super kind and frosty but still a gram to the head even after building mad tolerence to toking and vapping made me literally lose hours

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