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    i urgently need some advice on what i am doing wrong. it seams as though my plant is suffering from some sort of heat damage. here are some pictures. i water every other day.


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  2. Your heavily endowed male is in fact suffering from way to  much heat, raise the lamp, and put a fan in there, if this is an external grow, ensure he has shade between 010.00 - 14.00  
  3. Are you saving HIM for breeding purposes?
  4. First thank you for your replies.
    I thought it was a female and it just need more time before the pistons stared shooting out. 
    oh well, some one gave it to me for free about a month ago.
    Now I'm disappointed, at least i know.
  5. Continue to grow your little boy, once the pollens spuries forth collect and store in your freezer for use much later ...wink:wink!

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