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  1. Well guys i want to grow weed but nowhere to grow it so Im thinking about having a summer stealth grow in the attic. But there is one problem the fluffy insulation stuff is everywhere and it looks like it can catch fire easily. So i want to design a stealth CFL grow. There is power plugs up there already and I was thinking about making some sort of grow box that is reaally safe. Any ideas how i can pull this one off? Im gonna be growing Bagseed for the first time I have done grows in the past but all got ruined due to Outdoor flooding. Im gonna try to use a good amount of CFL's also. And i cant make it make alot of sound but some is ok due to it being in the attic.I had an idea I remembered that I have a mini mini fridge that cools 6 drinks I was thinking about getting a couple PC fans cutting a hole in the fridge door and putting the fans in then positioning that at my lights it will also cool the box down from heat because since its in the attic its gonna be warmer in there than most grows so the cool fridge will help cool it down and im gonna make the box sorta like a shelf where the roof aka where the lights are gonna be and the fridge/fan are gonna be movable to any distance. and its gonna be sealed really good. How tall should I make the box be i want to have 4 maybe 5 plants in there until they show sex.
  2. If the box is only until they show sex then it only needs to be about 3x3 for 4 plants. How tall the box needs to be depends on how long you are vegging them. A CFL grow is a good option for fire safe - if you have a bit of a breeze the lights can be within an inch or 2 with no over heating and starting a fire is damn near impossible. Just don't let the lights lay on that insulation and you should be good to go. I would probably make your box 4 foot tall to be safe (not all that is plant height you have to take into account height of the pot the plant is in and hang room for lights), some strains can shoot up REALLY tall in the first 2 weeks of 12/12 light
  3. Yea man i have a shit ton of Cfls around my house only 14 watt tho but i have alot and im gonna buy some once they get bigger but im gonna make it 3x3x4.5 feet so and im gonna have a light structure with a fridge/fan cooling system Im gonna start making it as soon as summer hits and i have fee days. Ill post updates.
  4. If you want to do a good CFL grow i recommend these bulbs.

    for veg
    105 Watt CFL Light Bulb - 400 W Equal - Full Spectrum Daylight 6500K - Spring Lamp - Sunlite 05593 Light Bulb
    105 Watt CFL Light Bulb - 400 W Equal - Full Spectrum Daylight 6500K

    Lumens (Initial) 5000
    105 Watt CFL Light Bulb - 400 W Equal - Warm White 2700K - 5U Lamp - Energy Miser FE-IIIB-105W/27K Light Bulb
    for flower
    105 Watt CFL Light Bulb - 400 W Equal - Warm White 2700K

    Lumens (Initial) 6,200

    If you are really doing this on the cheap these will work for both veg and flower - not as good for either individually but the best for doing both.

    105 Watt CFL - 420 W Equal - Full Spectrum 5000K - Spring Lamp - Global Consumer Products 169 Light Bulb

    105 Watt CFL - 420 W Equal - Full Spectrum 5000K

    Lumens (Initial) 7150

  5. Those bulbs are the biggest you can get with a standard light fixture. Any thing else you need to find a "Mogul Base" and that can be tricky just down at your local hardware store. Those bulbs are quite large - about 8 inches long or more so make sure you have the room.

    Also as this is an attic grow I know my attic can get VERY hot in the summer 100f+ so make sure you can keep your temps under control about 80-90f is about as hot as you ever want it.
  6. Hmm Ill try to buy those bulbs but Im growing 4-6 plants will one of those bulbs be enough also what if i only bought on e bulb that works for vegging could I use the same bulb for flowering? Mose likely Im gonna buy both tho. And yea im gonna put a mini fridge with a modified fan.
  7. I wouldn't worry about a fire. Insulation is glass so I don't think it would be considered a fire hazard. Also, I'm running 2 (1 since 1 burned out) CFL's in a cardboard box cooled by a computer fan. It hasn't caught on fire so I doubt your grow will.

    But im not so sure a refrigerator will cool the grow unless it is inside the fridge, depends on how hot it is there. btw, those bulbs are 13.2 inches long so keep that in mind. I would go for this 85 watt CFL, it has a higher watt to lumen ratio. The 105 watt being 1 watt to 59 lumens and the 85 watt being 1 watt to 68 lumens.

    Last two on the page:
    85 Watt Compact Fluorescents
  8. Is there a website where I can pay by paypal for those bulbs?
  9. I didnt read your thread, but I wanted to add the following.
    I think that the biggest prob with a safe is going to be ventilation and heat. You need a way to get fresh air to the plants so they can get c02. It is hard to drill holes in fire safes ( I am just assuming)
  10. you should probably buy 4 bulbs at least - i used 6 for my 3x3 grow tent (before i bought my HPS/MH setup) with 4 plants - the 5000k ones work just fine - you won't get the best results you could with the 2 diff ones but it will be a lot cheaper to buy 4 or 6 bulbs rather than 8 or 12.

    The biggest issue i see you having with an attic grow is the heat though - it doesn't matter how many fans you got if that temp goes much over 90 your plants are toast. So i would really make sure you have a way to get cooled air to your plants.

    As far as paying for those with pay pal i have no idea BUT a good way to get stuff like that is to go to your local grocery store and buy a pre-paid visa card with CASH. They have a web address in the instructions or on the package to register the card. You can set the card up with any name, home address, and phone number (doesn't have to be real info but you want the address and name of where you are shipping this to, to match).
  11. hmm I actually am now thinking of setting up a bagseed grow with shitty CFL's too see how they substain and what problems there are with the setup but what about the winter lol.
  12. The real problem you are going to run into no matter what time of year in an attic is temp, not sure where you live but you should try to keep your grow room between at the very least 65-90 degrees Fahrenheit the more you can keep it around 80 the better.

    You can buy small air conditioner / heaters for a grow room but they are generally pretty expensive and you have to vent them to somewhere - and the less airtight your grow room the more power you burn.

    If you don't have a way to control temp in your attic you are going to need about 4 months at least where the temp in your attic stays within the temp range for hemp growing - all it takes is one really bad day to trash your grow. (note low temps wont kill till freezing but can all but stop growth in the low 60's and below).

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