Finger hash

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  1. Did finger hash get its name from actually rolling the balls of resin off you fingers while trimming either way I just did it and smoked like 2 hits and am higher than ever and this is just some larf I better wear latex gloves when I do the real trim 16716610025993566665961343738695.jpg IMG_20221221_153231140_HDR.jpg IMG_20221221_171348524_HDR.jpg IMG_20221221_171357443_HDR.jpg IMG_20221221_153218998.jpg 16716612334685700175256472656427.jpg
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  2. lol i put it in the pipe
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  3. when you buy hash in India its called charas, or finger hash about 500 times more on the finger than what you have above
    tosh valley charas

    The difference between charas and hashish is that hashish is made from a dead cannabis plant

    and charas is made from a live one.

    check the link:

    good luck
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  4. My trim crew puts out an endless supply of scissor hash. Same product, minus the epidermis!
  5. yeah smoking skin or hair is kind of gross i guess they use a blade to clean the scissors? i just use alcohol and it dissolves for my small grow its not worth the bother I hate trimming anyway
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  6. Yes finger hash is from handling buds, usually while trimming. When you scrape it off of your scissors it's called Scissor Hash. Basically pure trichome material with a little dead skin.
  7. well in a week or two i will be up to my knuckles in hash lol 2.jpg
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