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Finding you're local drug dealer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by lothamer, Jul 16, 2009.

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  1. Okay the person I had does not sell anymore, So I need to find a new person. I have asked my friends who smoke and they did not really help. So I'm kind of stumped on how to find one in a small town in the middle of no where. I don't know many people who do smoke and I just need to know if I were to go some place and say something that might get a drug dealers attention?
    Or maybe someone who had the same problem could give me some advice?

    Well thanks I just needed some advice :wave::bongin:
  2. *sigh
    Gregg Allman, what would you do?

    I guess all I can suggest is walk around and try to just be there when something happens that can help... or at least that's what I would do. I guess I'd walk near the more ghetto side of town. No reason;)

    However, it's not like I condone buying or dealing illegal substances or anything.
  3. The realistic way is to just ask your friends and their friends and so on.
  4. Yeah its not usually easy. Many dealers will not even let people bring in their friends to their house, even when the person buying is like dont worry, I have seen this person smoke!
  5. I have this problem everytime i travel interstate on a Roadtrip, or to catch a Band thats decided to skip my town (grrr)

    I can usually find a hookup going to clubs that have outdoor smoking areas that are secluded.
    I just approach someone whos using a pipe sneakily, or who's obviously smoking a jiont, and ask if i can bumb/steal a toke, becuase i'm, completely dry, or ive just come to town.

    Usually mentioning i'm out of town is enough to get an offer of a bud or two, or a propper Deal.

    I suppose socialising is the key really, so if your comfortable approach strangers, just ask. I deffiently wouldnt mention that youve got zero hookups tho, thats just inviting High prices, or worse, Schwagg at high prices.

    A reason like 'the guy i usually hook up through is being a dick' is good enough, and wont give people the impression your desperate enough to buy anyhting.

    i don't know your age, but if your just out of college or highschool then going to partys is a great way to meet other smokers and find contacts.

    Finally, dont grow a moustache. As soon as you grow a mousatche everyone thinks your a ATF agent:mad:
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    Hahahaha this reminds me of last night when I was walking home drunk at 2am and some guy pulls up and I freak out because I really didnt want to deal with any cops. But instead it was a group of guys asking where they could find some bud. I said my dealer was dry but really I just wanted to pass out.. Seems like a dick move now but thats what happens when you're drunk I guess..

    But honestly you can actually get a hookup by driving around asking people that look 'relaxed' if you catch my drift, because if it was earlier I would have helped that guy out he seemed pretty chill.
    That's why you rock the chin strap. :smoke:
  7. In a few months I will have the opposite problem. I hope to have much, much more excellent quality WW and 2pounder than I can use. I don´t deal myself, but would be happy to help a dealer get well stocked up.
  8. 1. Get some seeds
    2. Get some proper lighting
    3. Get some good nutrients
    4. Get some good growing medium (soil, rockwool, whatever)
    5. Grow.
  9. webehigh.com
  10. That webehigh place is waaaaay offff... Where I live it at least. the YMCA is SO NOT a place to go where I live. If you want the evil police to get you then yeah, go to the local YMCA in my state. Too many "children" go there IMHO.

    I live in the middle of no where too. There are no bars to go to really, and I'm too old for the college crowd. In addition, I get violently ill when I drink. Therefore, no one would want to talk to the older lady drinking her coca cola. (I'm in my 30's)

    Really, I smoke because it's better than the damn slew of pills doctors want to put me on for depression, anxiety and PTSD.

    I used to be whacked out on a bunch of prescriptions. I dumped them all and just started smoking MY LIFE is better. Hell- I know my name as compared to when they had me on all those "legal" pills.

    If anyone can tell me how I meet people in a rural area like where I live I'd love some advice. The nearest head shop is no good as the cops are always up and down those streets >.>

    It's seriously a pain. I wish it was legal and I could just go buy it. I mean alcohol can poison and kill you, but that's ok to buy. Marijuana is responsible for 0 deaths. I'd kill for some just reliable person, ya know?

    So yeah! If anyone has advice I'd love to read it. :D
  11. use your connections thats how the game is run. people know people who know people who know people you know?

    if your friends have weed ask them if they can meet your connection. you gotta be cool though some people get sketched about that
  12. I too have the same problem. Just moved to Chicago... my friend's dealer is not very reliable.. and I am not old enough to go into clubs and bars to ask people... suggestions??
  13. My friend i am in the EXACT possion your in... I have lost all connections... What I did was relocate, I live in the country, and thats who i normally asked, but i got some people i kno in the city that dont smoke, still asked if they knew antbody, sure it may be a little out of the way, but now I have some one to get it form... for now at least... hope I helped! keep toking! :bongin:
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    I was in the same boat as you and all hope seemed lost. I was walking with 3 friends down to shoot some pool one of them started talking about drugs (spouting propaganda). Then suddenly the kid I never would of suspected started telling them about drugs that they were spouting bullshit on and yea he intro'd me to the coolest dealer ever.

    TL;DR: Ask your friends who you would never suspect.

    If your still in school then just come in and if your usually social just stay quiet and listen around. I guarantee that if people are dealing bricks of H in my old school you can get hooks-ups for anything over there.
  15. Accidental double post remove.
  16. Repeat.
  17. Lol yesterday I went into the big city taking a bus in hopes that I could find someone selling weed. Within 5 minutes getting off the bus some guy asks if I have a cigg, I gave him one and he imidiately asked if I wanted to buy some weed lol. But however I couldn't get much info on when I could find him next time to get more, so next deal is ganna be harder. I just thought it was funny cause it was super easy to find someone for my first time buying here.
  18. I love reading the tags of threads.

    Anyways. It's not really about finding dealers, it's about finding smokers...and they're real easy to find. They got their weed from somewhere, and if it's at a concert, probably somewhere nearby. You can feel a bit lost if you're starting from scratch, but the most important part is just meeting that one person who can introduce you to new people.
  19. sorry if i posted this wrong im new to the site. i have really bad anxiety and all of my dealers do not seem to want to help me for some fucked up reason. does anybody have any advice for me it's getting really bad and i dont know how long i can keep this up. i have no health insurance so even if i wanted to i could'nt get a prescription. all in all this really sucks im having no fun here.
  20. I would say grow. I'm also having supply issues because my college is way over priced and I can't afford $60 an eight (for what they claim is good stuff but simply isn't). The problem is that my campus has a lack of open space and I live with 3 non-smokers.

    Make use of the extra space you have in the middle of no-where and grow your own in the near by woods or something. If you have the seeds I'd say grow 3 different plots in 3 different locations just in case some kid finds your field and decided to steal it.
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