Finding the strain?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by WalterSobchak, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. I picked the seeds out of a sack a long time ago and now i have mature and flowering plants. Only problem is I have no idea what strain i planted. it's kind of tall with medium sized leaves, most of the leaves are medium to light green, and the ones towards the top are darker. the fan leaves nearest to the bottom are fairly rigid and stay straight out, while the leaves towards the top are very large, long, and droopy.

    the lower third of the plant is a big leafless stalk, most of the leaves are concentrated towards the top 2/3.

    wanted to know if anyone thinks this is a sativa or indica and how i might go about deducing what strain it is.

    i can get a picture soon.
  2. If you got a random sack seed. then goodluck finding the strain. But, a sativa will have narrow and long leaves, vs the indicas stubbier and wide leaves.

  3. You will never be able to identify the strain. Best you'll be able to do is determine if it leans indica-dominant or sativa-dominant. If it reveals some unusual color or smell late in flowering you might from that be able to deduce that it has some certain genetics in it (for example, if it smells like skunk you might deduce that it probably has some skunk in it), but that's about all.

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