Finding Seeds in my Weed

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by wd2006, May 21, 2006.

  1. I am really hoping to find some seeds in my weed. I bought some and now its in the bag. Where would I look to find the seeds, where would the seeds be attached to? Or would it just be in the bag and it would be very hard to miss them?
  2. Yo. Finding seeds in your weed is generally a sign of poor quality, but I'm assuming you want to grow or store these seeds for a later grow. Seeds usually are visable from first glance as tiny glystening brown,black, white, or slightly greenish shells, sometimes with small patterns on the shell.

    Very often seeds will fall to the bottom of the bag or sack of weed you have. Many times also it will stay inside it's pod inside the bud. Search around the bud until you see what you think is a seed, carefully remove it with some tweezers or your fingers, being careful not to crush the seed as you tease it out of the pod with your fingers or tweezers.

    Store seeds in a cool dark environment until you want to use them. Keep them out of sunlight, keep them out of moist areas, try and seal them in an air tight container as oxygen causes further degredation of the quality of the seeds. If you wish to store them for longer, put them in the fridge, and if even longer (20 years max), in the freezer. When in the fridge or freezer, attempt to open fridge or freezer as little as possible as this causes further oxygen to enter the freezer/fridge and may cause oxidization of the seeds if not properly sealed.

    When you have enough space, plans, money, time, and privacy to grow, plop them inbetween two moist paper towels. Put the towel with the seeds sandwiched inside it inside a plastic sandwich baggie, but do NOT close/seal the bag in any way, leave it open and allow oxygen to flow in. Keep in a warm dark spot (anywhere from 80 to 98 degrees is fine). In two days to three weeks, a small taproot will emerge from a crack in the seed. Carefully take tweezers and transplant to soil and continue growing.

    A great deal of research, money, time, space, and privacy are required for a grow, no exceptions. Keep these things in mind and good luck.

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