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Discussion in 'General' started by PintyHet, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. I looked at the rules and couldnt find anything about this sorry if its not kosher but i gotta ask this...

    i'm moving to a new city soon and eh i'm not sure how to go about finding the lovley lady :/ how do people go about finding green in a new town? what should i do? who should i ask? how should i ask? i'm only about a year old when it comes to smoking and i've never had to find my own before just kinda got friended into it yeh know? when i just get up there will be when i need it the most but i dont know nobody at all in that area =(
  2. find the local headshop and make friends
  3. Once you get a job there you'll be able to tell who the stoners are.
  4. Further details to help out my question.. i'ma electrician only work with like 4 other people and well its a college kinda town near an ocean. not going to be in school and i dont even know if we have a head shop i kinda doubt there is one around cuz i've been there alot and never been able to find one =(
  5. well first of all--what city are you moving to?
    you should tell people on here what city your going to so that way you can make some friends off of

    As far as fiding pot and the dealers e.t.c.
    Its easy shit.
    just find one stoner--make friends, and boom--I gurentee you that hes got 10+ other stoner friends and severel ways of obtaining pot.

    Its kinda hard to actually make friends with a dealer that deals pot directly. More of the time you will probally just make a few friends that know of a dealer that can hook you up.

    But if you find a dealer thats your friends--your in good luck, becuase then youll get discounted prices, and youll probally get a lot of free pot (not like bags GIVEN to you--but he/she probally smokes a lot--thus they will always have pot with them that they will be token, thus youll be there toking it along with them--with no money needed)

    Hope this helps.

    Just a couple simple things:
    1.) Tell us what city your moving to and some people will hit ya up
    2.) Its easy to find a stoner--once you find one make friends with him/her and hangout with them-and gureneteed they will have the hookup for ya.

  6. Well since you're in a College town, you should hit up some parties if you're around their age. Ask around until you find some, that's what I do/used to do.
  7. i live in small ass salem which is a college town but outside of roanoke and there is a head shop within walking distance from here.
  8. i'm going to be doing lots of random asking and driving =D lol guess i'll just have to get out there and futz arlound for a few weeks

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