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finding drug dealers off of craigslist?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by folied, May 9, 2009.

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  1. I put up a ad craigslist saying looking for 420, and I got like 4 people that would sell. Is this safe? I mean I already have hookups I was just curious.
  2. I dunno about that. thats begging for attention of the wrong kind. this is something a 16 year old would ask.
  3. Sounds kinda sketchy. I woudn't do it.
  4. Thats a dumb idea, use your hookups.
  5. could just as easily be undercovers dude, thats absolutely retarded.
  6. what everyone else said.
  7. yea probably wouldn't be a good idea to try that lol
  8. Idiotic. You're just asking to get yourself jacked or thrown in the slamma.
  9. If your a bit sketchy about the person your going to meet, do the old switch the location at the last minute to across the street. This will piss off the person if they are a cop, because cops usually try and setup camaras and shit in the area your dealing. So if you switch the location at the last minute and the guy isnt cool with it, chances are your dealing with a pig. There are other things you can do such as change the time, cuz cops dont seem to work on "pot time"...idk, just watch barry cooper and you can see what I am talking about for spoting a pig.
  10. ask for a very small ammount like .5 - 1 gram just to see if hes legit and bring friends incase he isnt a cop and hes looking to rob you.
  11. dude do it. should be totally safe. i mean its not like hookers post ads on craigslist or anything, and cops dont already visit the site. Your straight, take their calls.
  12. Some people have done it, so you CAN get a hookup, its possible. But its also possible it's a cop... is it worth it? In my opinion no since you already have your hook-ups
  13. Incredibly stupid.
  14. Not the smartest, but cops will generally buy, not sell.
  15. Dumb idea. Please do not do that.
  16. lol.. bad idea dude. I doubt it's a cop because asking for weed wont really get you busted.. but it does tell the wrong people that you have cash in your pocket.
  17. Highly doubtful it's cops, but they could be ass rapists.

  18. :laughing:

  19. Nah, i dont use craigs list.
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