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Finding community in this world

Discussion in 'General' started by Shanx420, Dec 1, 2016.

  1. I used to be a relatively active member of these forums. I used to browse them a lot, for years, until I found a distasteful section of the community, I guess. So, I basically just never came back after that for, I think, 3 and a half years. Maybe 2.

    Anyway, I guess I've always struggled with finding community, and like-minded people. Over time, it's only gotten worse. I feel like, my opinions and just the way I am is so unique that I can't find anyone to relate to. I have one friend, who I've known since 7th grade, and I can't even trust him completely. I can't speak completely openly and honestly, even with him, because I know that if I did, he would eventually not wanna hangout anymore.

    Does anyone have this issue? Where they just have no community? Because, I feel like most people find a nice circle jerk somewhere. But I can't find one, after all these years, I'm still just jerking myself off.

    I guess it just has to do with my opinions, which are so weird and controversial. And, there are probably people who agree with some of my opinions, but disagree strongly with other opinions, so, it's no good.

    I dunno... Anyway, I don't trust any of you to be anything but mean or rude to me, so I probably won't log back in until later tonight, when I'm drunk. Honestly, though, I'll probably log back in to see like, 80 views, and zero replies. That's a classic reaction that I get from internet people. But yeah, I'm feeling weird and crazy, and desperate, and willing to talk at people who I basically don't trust any more than I would trust a member of ISIS. I mean, I don't trust anyone.
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  2. This was really depressing to read. You should try leaving your comfort zone, see how it works. And who gives a fuck about other people lol, just do you in life. Unless you knock a broad up, then make sure the child is taken care of first, then you.

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  3. Yup...I decided to quit lettin' it bother me though.

    So now I don't give a fuck who knows about my pet dragon Bobo or My World Domination Plan now with a Pirate Ship with Two Rainbow Sails and 200 Cannon...To a point...

    ...They might steal my plans.:coolalt:
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  4. You 'll be ok bro. You are worth and normal whatever the fuck that may mean. But you are still unique too..
    Just keep and open heart and mind, and you may find that you just need to let these people come into your life.
    Let life run its course, choose love and you will find it..
    Im really talking out my ass though, but there's wisdom somewhere in those words i think
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  5. I wouldn't worry about it man. I come on here and talk about all kinds of out there ideas and questions about reality you name it. To my surprise there were other like minded people that just got what I was talking about. I spend most my time in philosophy and the Pandoras box section lol.
    Don't let life get you down man. Shit if anyone had to meet me in person they would not realize it's me anyway because in real life I'm quiet as hell.
    There's people at my work who probably never heard me speak lol and I been there for 6 years lol.
    Don't stress it browse the threads you never know man could be a community here for you now.
    A lot can change in a few years.
  6. Don't hold expectations of others. Recipe to only let you down if you can't be satisfied with being brought up. People will have differences, but community exists in the communal spaces of sharing and caring, not dividing and hiding.

  7. The very definition of society literally means co-existing with people who suck.
  8. Are you a serial killer? A pedophile? A terrorist? are you anti-marijuana or you want to hack into GC and shut it down? Do you agree that privlaged corrupted white police officers should kill unarmed black men?

    Other than that, you should not give a damn what people think. Good luck bro.
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  9. The only way to find community for me is by being open and honest. If im judged then i give myself 2 options; deal with the judgment because the person giving it is worth keeping around or find a new community.
  10. Sorry it was depressing to read. I was actually trying to be funny, at certain points, so, that sucks.

    Anyway, yeah, i forgot about this for like a month, then i remembered, but I couldn't get the strength to log in to look at the thread. But I'm just drunk enough, I guess.

    Sorry I made people feel bad. I didn't realize people would have sympathy for me, so, I just assume people are shit, as a defense mechanism. Sometimes they are.

    Anyway, yeah, good responses. I feel bad that I expected negative responses. Maybe I'll come around more often, but I dunno how long it will be before I wear out my welcome lol.
  11. Generally I've found the people on this site to be friendly and helpful. This site is heavily moderated in an old school way you don't see anymore and I think it keeps some of the nastiness down. Plus in terms of the sheer variety of topics, both weed related and not, I haven't seen any other site come close. To me I've found this site to be a welcome break from the news and political sites I usually occupy. Now those sites can get real nasty. I operate pretty basic. If your nice and courteous, I'll be nice and courteous. I like the symmetry of that. Now I'm just curious about just how weird your views are. Weird can be good.
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  12. Please do come around more often.
    On the one hand it is nice to have a retreat area, but on the other it's nice to be around folks that can and will challenge your views (in an adult manner).

    If everyone in the group share all the same views, it would be a rather boring group and likely would hold a few that are only trying to fit in.

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  13. Said group would likely have very little innovation as well, how can you possibly have any sort of innovation when everyone thinks alike and is committed to the status quo? Sounds more like an insect hive than a diverse group of humans ;)
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  14. I relate to you in the sense that I feel so unique that there isn't another person who can relate to me, at least that I know of (besides maybe one, maybe) and also that I have no friends.

    But I don't relate to your untrusting nature. I'm far too trusting if anything. I fully see why you don't trust anyone and you are cautious with how you speak. But man, you need to loosen up. Yeah. People have fucked me over. Even best friends I've known for 5+ years of my life who just ditched me for no apparent reason. But that doesn't mean nobody in this world can be trusted. I keep hoping one day I'll find that person I can trust and I do believe one day it will come. I hope!
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  15. You need to understand that when it comes to being social, conflict is not a bad thing, but an opportunity to further build upon a friendship.. You just need to be mature enough to not take the conflict personal. Conflict is a fantastic tool for building better relationships, just have to be careful.
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    I don't know if you'd consider this a good thing, but I have a method of dealing with conflict with laughter and taking it lightly. I suppose that kinda makes me a good diffuser.
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  17. Go to bars alone and make more friends
  18. I'll jerk you off.
  19. Well, basically i left this site because people were being really anti-trans, and I'm a trans girl, so... I was like, fuck it. And I never looked back, until now. Cause nothing got better. You think if you push something toxic away then things will get better, but actually, you just have less things. But yeah. Anyway, that's only the start of it. my politics would make people hate me.

    But whatever. All i know is I have emotions and sometimes I get lonely. So, I dunno. That's the only reason why I'm posting here now, is because I'm lonely, not because I really believe people would accept me for who I am. I know they won't. It's like i just have to try, because, i can't even pretend i don't have emotions. I wish i didn't. But yeah.

    I don't wanna be jerked off by anyone, that's disgusting.
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  20. Beat me to it.
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