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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by rose, Apr 14, 2004.

  1. was a good day. I was with my friend in her garage (and we have been dry for a lil over a week), just chillin' and then all of a sudden, she bends over to pick summin up. When she sat back up she was holding a huuuuge nug in her palm goin' "oh shiat...look what I found!" So we smoked it and got soooo was beautiful...:smoke:
  2. Something similar happened to me before. We had been dry for a while, and I was cleaning my car when I found my friends retainer case. At first I was laughing because his dumbass left his retainer in my car, but upon opening the case I found a gram or so of trees just chilling in there.
  3. oh thats the best feeling in teh world! lol to be dry as a bone ..then find a joint on the floor of your bedroom, or find a bowl on your comp desk under all your bottles, change and trash.
  4. i found like 10 grams downtown once and $200 close by it hehe
  5. On the ground I found about a 1 gram nug of some dank dank shit coming out of my dealer's house one night. I also found $60 cash disc golfing one day last year.....
  6. yeh i notice just about every time i clean my room i run into little collections i have stashed....whenevr i go dry i clean my room and find em everywhere....its almost as good as winning the lottery lol

  7. my cousin and i were dryyyyyy once and he was like "i bet there's weed in the carpet of my car!!" and yeahyeah you can guess where that went. we actually found some nugglets, lol.
    i have a friend that stole a car once and found 3 ounces of some good shit in it. that's not QUITE "finding" but um... it also is? lol
    i was dry for like a week a month or so ago, and i was lookin through a drawer for somethin, don't even know what, but i found a good gram/1.5g in a folded up piece of typing paper. heheh i musta been drunk one night and left it there and forgot, and went on thinking i smoked it all that night.

  8. Someone probably tossed that running from the 5-0. Woo, you stole the evidence. :D

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