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Finding a supplier

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by vert129, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Does anyone know of a forum or website where you can find a supplier in your area? im not asking for a connect on here but for a website where i can find a supplier or something like that.
  2. Sketchiest. Thing. Ever.
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    If only it was like that. You'll have to find one yourself, it sucks but trust me it's not nearly as sketchy as someone on craigslist or something. There are hundreds of "How to find a dealer" threads.
  4. i mean like secret forums like the silk road forum. has anyone ever heard of that? theres a lot of sellers but mostly from canada not my area.
  5. i'm imagining right now if it was that easy to get bud. why would that exist if cannabis is illegal? should think a little more logically before you ask a question like that. seen a bunch of threads around here asking the same thing (not to offend)
  6. #6 4pawsbmj8, Aug 3, 2011
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    Ha like sampson? In half baked. I'm here about some empty pipes
  7. Try weedmaps
  8. Call the police station and say you're looking for statistics on where the most dealers are arrested, then go to those areas
  9. Um no you're wrong.
  10. Hello Officer Vert, I'm very surprised to see you on this website.

  11. No, an anonymous market called "The Silk Road" actually does exist where you can buy all sorts of drugs, but it is hard to find and even try to view/find it is risky. You have to be in Tor to find it (its in the deep web) and should be behind several proxies. You apparently pay with Bitcoins (an online, extremely hard to track currency) and sellers mail it to you. It's supposedly like Amazon for drugs, but goddamn its sketchy to find yet alone use.
  12. I'm behind over 9000 proxies
  13. uM....Go to college and party regularly. You are bound to find someone there.
  14. the silk road is messed up. the people and the merchandise.
  15. Uh, silk road = awesome. If they go through USPS (US only) and package everything right, you should be fine. If their stuff was shit, then you should've seen it on the reviews.
  16. Silk road is down for awhile it says

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