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Finding a good dealer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BigSexyPanda, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Just looking to find a good dealer. I'm new to this and I don't really trust my buddies that I smoke with. I wish I could get a card, but I don't think I have any condition that qualifies. So, any advice? I read the old threads and it just said to talk to people who smoke and find out how they get theirs and keep meeting people. Any new or better advice?
  2. Finding a dealer is a hit or miss thing. I don't have a dealer no more because he was a friend and we got into a fight. So im growing again, I don't know if your in a situation were you can grow but if you are I say you give it a shot. Otherwise yea ask other smokers for their connection maybe youll find a good dealer if not keep looking Im sure you'll get one. Good luck with the hunt.
  3. Yeah, everyone says to grow their own, but that's not an option for me right now. So any other advice, I'll take it.
  4. it's kind of hard to just come across a dealer, especially a straight ass one

    idk what state you're in, but i know in atleast cali, all you gotta say is you have trouble sleeping and they'll give you a card no problem. it's really not that hard to obtain one.
  5. I've had good luck with people at skateparks. And some bad luck, but every once in a while you'll meet a cool ass stoner that sells fat sacks and skates transition
  6. just go to where people smoke cigs at a college campus if someone isnt a dealer there theyll be able to steer you in the right direction
  7. well i'll tell you this from another point of view.
    my boyfriend was in class yesterday and some kid follows him after class, walks up to him and says "man i wish i could smoke right now." my boyfriend goes "smoke what?" and the kid goes "bud, man. i need some. you got?" they both went to my boyfriend's car and did the transaction.

    it's not that hard. find people who look high and then from there you'll either find a dealer or find someone who can find you a dealer. now my boyfriend has a new customer. easy as that. :smoke:
  8. I actually live in cali, just moved up north to the sacramento area. I really wanna get a card, but I guess I just wish I knew someone who could help me out. I don't wanna look like an idiot. I've been reading all these threads about it and it's making me seem like I'm never gonna get one unless I've got a serious condition.

    SmotPoker, haha yeah that's the other thing I read to do. Might as well try it, I guess it's the easiest way to go.

  9. I've heard you can walk into a clinic and get one as long as you claim some condition like insomnia or chronic pain.
  10. You shouldn't have a problem in Cali, it's everywhere apparently. What is the issue with your friends? And if you don't trust them, why hang with them? I'd maybe ask your friends where they get their bud--but since you don't trust them, obviously be wary of the situation. Other than that, just meet new people. Make references to pot. Meet people. Maybe go on craigslist just looking for a 420 chill guy to smoke with, then get his connect.

    With luck you'll find good bud and a good dealer. But, it sometimes can be hard to find a really really legit actual straight up "dealer" without actually dealing yourself.
  11. Why wouldn't you trust your stoner buddies? You wont get to know anyone that sells or knows someone that sells unless you talk to them lol.

    No one is going to bust your balls if you ask for a little weed.
  12. Its just that the friend who gets it, just takes some from his dad.

    And for the people that have them, are dispensaries that much better then just going to a dealer? I'm guessing it's gotta be just because you know what you're getting and it's never dry, well the nicer ones anyway.
  13. 'Cape Breton' asked me in the first 4 minutes of us talking when he first moved to Alberta from Cape B if I knew where he could get some weed.

    I said I didn't cause I didn't smoke at that time.
    He turned out to be a cool guy, threw a massive Halloween party. 250 Plus, Geez was the the dj who actually graduated from our high school bout two or three years ago and recorded his first album in our new sound room = D

    It was out in the country too, no copers :D
  14. it's was so hard trying to find someone here in fresno ca when i first moved here.
  15. I totally understand what the medical marijuana patients are saying, but for me, I know I'm not gonna be smoking that much, but the idea of having a safe dispensary to go to like a normal business sounds amazing compared to tracking down a dealer and dealing with them, nothing against anyone that deals, just a lot easier to buy weed like buying a shirt from a store.
  16. its incredibly easy to obtain a medical card. most people who have one really don't have a serious condition. there are plenty of websites for doctors now, look around, they basically guarantee 'no matter your condition or illness, we'll make sure we get you a card' its a bunch of disgusting doctors that exploit the whole medical situation by giving out cards as long as you pay their 'checkup fee'. but they are out there.
  17. I'd say go down to a skate park or something. Its not how I met my dealer, but I know numerous skaters who smoke, one who gets medical.
  18. Yes, go to a skate park. I only suggest that if you skate though, otherwise you'd look like a narc in my opinion. Trust me, I hate lurkers at skateparks haha. But if you don't have any buddies who skate, try going to a local electronic music event. You'll find just about whatever you need there.
  19. lol yeah duhh should've thought of that. you definitely can find EVERYTHING there, shit you didn't even know existed lol
  20. Yeah, a lot of big, big time dealers seem to flock there. Kind of a bad thing when it comes down to it, but I met a guy who can get lb's for 2500 among other various quantities of products. If only I had 2500 dollars. Whatever you do just stick to the higher vibrational molecules

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