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Finding A Dealer

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Izzo, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. I recently moved and am currently switching schools (I'm in highschool) I don't know anyone around me and am wondering how to find a dealer when school comes around (going to Florida soon and know many hook ups down there)
    Any advice would be great, thanks!

  2. Just look around and see if you can  hear people talk about it, there usually is. you can also look for people who look like stoners just be cool about it though. it shouldn't be too hard theres dealers everywhere
  3. Alright thanks man
  4. In HS everyone smokes. Just be cool and ask someone

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  5. Bro everytime I switch schools its not even that hard to find someone who has some reefer. Plus, in high school its one of the easiest things you can come across. Ask anybody who looks cool and listens to some hip hop or just ask the crew with the squinty eyes sitting in the back of the class.
  6. go to the court yard thing, and scream, LOOKING FOR WEED, good quality plz. jking, lot of people smoke in high school, but the rules say ur not supposed to be on this site if ur in high school so... i wouldnt have said that if i were u.
  7. most highschools have like a smoking area where people go to smoke during their lunchs so go ask around there somebody will have bud
  8. Your local police station knows where the weed is. Ask them.
  9. The only way is through good friends
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    Go visit a very dark alley or a black neighbor hood and scream " I need weed!" if nobody comes then kindly yell the 'N' word. ( they will most likely respect you for it, crown you king, you will likely receive a nice pimp cup and robe to go with it!)

    In the small chance you get shot I am not liable for any ideas I May or may not of had given you.
  11. 1. Order a Pizza and ask this delivery guy (worked on vacation before)
    2. Hangout near a headshop and ask someone who comes out with some glass. (explain you situation)
    3. go to the beach and look for some college kids, and ask in a non-cop sounding way
  12. Ask the first white kid in dreads you see at your new school.
  13. I'm 18 so how is it against the rules?
  14. It's not there isn't other people on here who are in high school lol fuck it
    LOL, you are obviously not 18.
    I dont think you have reached the final grade yet, because you would know that it is the grade you turn 18 (im not even from america and I know that).
  16. 21 jump street it

    Throw a party

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  17. I graduated highschool when I was 17
  18. well done, this is how much I care: :bongin:

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