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  1. I am a relatively new smoker and I have been using a random dude I know to get my weed but he is a known thief and I am pretty sure he is pinching my sack. He has stolen a lot of stuff from a good friend and it is a bit of a stab in the back for me to be using him but idk what to do
  2. Don't buy from him anymore.  The best thing to do long term is to start growing a continuous supply of herb for just you and a couple close friends.  In the mean time, look on craigslist to see if anyone locally is advertising or put up an ad.
  3. Is Craigslist really safe to use for this sort of thing. Arkansas is pretty strict wouldn't they have undercover cops on there, or am I just being paranoid?
  4. That's usually cops posting on Craigslist and then when the guys call them they get arrested lol
  5. If you have any friends that you know smoke weed regularly, ask them for their hook up or if they can help you find some bud. If not then try going to a reggae concert or hippie festival (something to that effect) and try and make friends with someone who is obviously high. Someone there will surely help you out.
  6. thats bs ive picked up from 2 different people successfully from CL, u just gotta use common sense and caution
  7. I don't know how much cops really care to bust people looking to buy on craigslist.  If you're buying weed on craigslist it's not like you're a big time criminal nor do you have any info on a dealer (or else you'd be getting weed from them).  I doubt they'd waste resources trying to bust someone who is trying to get an 1/8th on craigslist.
  8. I live in Hawaii, so cannabis connoisseurs are everywhere.  I've had responses on craigslist a few times and each one had atleast 4 different sensimilla to choose from, offering a mix and match.  The finest cannabis I've ever had, each strain does wonders! :bongin: Yea but you still gotta take a risk on CL just like you would anywhere else. 

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