Find out what side of the Brain you are using. (really trippy!!)

Discussion in 'General' started by giggleweed, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]
    If you are seeing this lady spinning clockwise, then it means you are using the right side of the brain. If you are seeing her spinning counter-clockwise, then you are using the left side of the brain.

    Some people are able to see her spinning in both directions, but most of them see her rotating only in one. If you can see her spin in one directions and then make her spin in the other, then you are a part of a handful of people.

    Even if it might not seem so, both directions can be seen. Apparently, this fact has been proved at the Yale University, USA, after 5 years of studying the human brain and its functions. Supposedly only 14% of the US population can see her spinning in both directions.
  2. She's spinning counter-clockwise for me.
  3. clockwise i think.... her right leg keeps going right

    what does this mean????
  4. she changes like every 5 seconds for me
  5. weird, both sides for me its like if i scroll down on the screen shes going to the left and when i scroll up shes going to the right.

    not quite sure what that means.
  6. right side for me...its too bad though...i should be able to see it both ways...balance is key.
  7. i dont exactly get it. so when we look at it,shes spinning left,but if we were her on first person,she would be spinning to the right? so basically shes spinning the way we wannna see it? im not sure.
  8. wierd. i look away and it changes. amybe the image is just changing by itself?
  9. yeah i was able to get her spinning both ways as well... fucking tripped me out i was amazed
  10. i can make her do a half rotation either way and then go back so she never makes a full rotation...
  11. Its nothing to do with which side of the brain you use. Its an optical illusion. Its not actually spinning anyway your brain is just fooled into thinking it is.
    Its good tho!
  12. she goes both ways for me....
  13. idk man...she hasnt stopped spinning clockwise for turning the other way when i look back or anything so it cant be the pic...
  14. ...Too easy.
  15. I see her going both ways. :)
  16. she's going clockwise for me, I guess I'm right brained
  17. i think the actual gif. changes once in a while
  18. i can make her go whatever way i want. hahaha total mind control powers!

  19. yeah I can make her turn both ways when I want so that she never faces the front :O
  20. each time i look at it it is a different direction

    i have no control over it and cant loook at it a different way by looking a different way like most optical illussions

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