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  1. i was just curious if I could get a general opinion. Without sharing too many details I may or may not be getting out of my current relationship. I’m only 24 but own a house, two vehicles and have a very stable job that’s only 8 minutes away. I’m pretty mature for my age. I’m not out partying and usually hang around with people older than me. Anyways...

    Doing the math, I can support myself and pay all my monthly bills and have about $500 left over a month... that’s after all bills including gas, food and a little put in savings. within another year I will have another $200 freed up. I also expect to spend less on groceries and electricity being single also. But going off the base here that gives me about $250 a paycheck to have as “free money”

    Is this conceivably dangerous or is this manageable? I’m not sure. I do plan on spending a little bit of this “free money” on my new growing expenses to take care of 12 plants.

    Any input is appreciayed. Thanks!
  2. A budget?
    You own a house you have no 'money to burn'.
  3. You know what I mean though...
  4. Advice.
    The same advice I gave my three kids... all older than you.
    "You have money for that new furnace?"
    They learned, quickly!
    NOT fun going to your Father and asking for some money....
  5. I think if you put $500 a month in savings you'll soon have enough saved for a new furnace or whatever maintenance your house will need, and it will need it. I doubt you're expenses will change all that much living alone. If your lifestyle doesn't change then your expenses should decrease a little but I don't know if it'll save you as much as you expect. I'm really not sure exactly what you're asking but I have a suspicion you've been fighting again and you're daydreaming of how wonderful freedom must be. You'll soon make up just to do it all over a few times before you finally do split so my advise is to go ahead and split now, save yourself the misery of dragging this out over the next year or two. I may have made a couple of assumptions.
  6. my advice to you is to save one third of your wages per month...clear and every month ...month in month out

    the deal being you are saving up for an investment 'Easter Egg' something between $5k-$10k
    with this you invest in an average investment scheme or a stock portfoilio
    be warned its addictive once gained then continue saving for all the crap peeps buy in like car, house, tv etc
    a lot easier than you think

    good luck
  7. I hear you loud and clear. Advice noted. Thank you.

    I can only assume you’re speaking from some sort of similar experience.
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