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  1. I have a my FINAL drug test coming up 2morow folks! (Its been about 18 weeks)I'll be OFF probation after this wensday coming up but my last drug test is 2morow. So I can smoke 2morow night after the test. (I know for sure that this is the last test). I just wanted to share this with everyone on here if anyone cared if you've seen some of my older posts about me on probation.
    Wish me luck guys! Results will be on here 2morow at exactly 8:00 P.M. that night! :D

  2. :hello::hello: Thats awesome I just got off my 6 month probation monday. I havent smoked since November and I have been blazin nonstop since monday. Its amazing:smoking:
  3. that's great :) good luck my man. right after they tell you the results, spark an L
  4. Woohoo! Glad you aren't worried about the test like previous times ;) smoke yourself silly tomorrow.
  5. nice man, good luck. smoke a fat fucking blunt
  6. dude, you know the drill. the second you get your results, you buy the fattest sack possible, load up ur bowl, bong, roll a joint, or blunt, and spark that bitch like theres no tomorrow!!!!
    happy tokin man.:hello:
  7. lmao yea man that SUCKED! :p
    Thanks and I def. will :D.
  8. lol thanks man. I will as soon as i get back to my house. I gotta go through one FINAL class aswell as this test. I get my paper saying I passes yada yada yada
  9. Passed my test and did my class but I have to go back for ANOTHER class because I wore a fuckin Bob Marley shirt going into it. No pot leaf on it or anything just marleys head on it and some words in the backround.
    So they tested my 2night and I passed do you think that they'll test me again for my last week? Because I kind of alrdy smoked :D. Feels GOOD to be back guys!​

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