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  1. I'm finally getting some bud tonight. I've been dry for about 2 or 3 weeks now and I must say it sucks so bad. I almost want to clean my pipe and start fresh but there's no time.

    I'll take a pic of $20 from this girl I get it from. She usually gets hooked up fat because the guy she get's it from wants to see her boobs!!:)
  2. Even though we didn't get a lot for 20, this stuff is Chronic.

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    Damn, you're really enjoying the 'Kon like that? I'll admit, he definitely comes out of Jamaica with da fire in pocket. He goes dere and drinks 151 at the bars and constantly complains about stingy politicians who prefer T-Pain, girls who aren't down with wearing (live)scorpions in their hair and his "fucking mailman" who loves to leave gratutious amounts of (chunky)peanut butter in his mailbox.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Tay Dizm feat. Akon - "Dream Girl" [OFFICIAL VIDEO] from Nappy Boy Digital[/ame]

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