Finally started my build. How's it looking so far?

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  1. ~3'D, 6'H, 4'W

    6" exhaust (cool tube will be ventilated seperately.
    449cfm Vortex will pull the air through the 6" port

    (6) 2" intakes, grouped in sets of 3 connecting to a 3" pipe

    I gotta get these kids a place to live quickly. They're living in the ghetto with no house to call their own. :cry:

    Here's the pics I have so far. Any pointers are much appreciated!

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  2. Lovin it already. Get 'er done!

  3. This may pose an issue..
    Even though there is 6 - 2" intakes, they are being supplied by 1 - 3" intake..
    Thus you only have a 3" intake for the chamber..

    What lamp are you going to use??
    250w, 400w, 600w???

    Because if you light it with the 600w as it should be lit, you're going to have a heat problem only using a 3" intake...
    Personally I would have used at least a couple of 8" intakes...

    One of the tents I'm using is a 3x3 and has 3 - 6" x 14" intakes, I use a 400cfm vortex on the 600w cooltube AND another 400cfm on the chamber's exhaust, and then I have still have a heat issue..

    The exhaust vortex runs for 45min to an hour at a time on the 80 degree days and the basement only gets into the mid 70s..

    With only a 3" intake, you will have a heat issue... :wave:
  4. There's actually 2 - 3" intake pipes. Each 3" inch pipe has 3 - 2" pipes coming off of it. Will that make a difference?
  5. That should work, but be prepared to cut more holes for intake
  6. Will do. I can always add one on the side.

    Thanks for the suggestion!
  7. Well like I say my 3x3 and has THREE 6" x 14" intakes and when the 400cfm kicks on, it still sucks the sides of the tent in... LOL
  8. Yea, you may need some more intakes! But I like the size and setup.

    What lights/fans are you usiing?
  9. I have a 400w MH/HPS for a light and a 449cfm Vortex fan with a speed controller for it. The light has a cool tube on it which I will duct one side to a 104cfm bathroom exhaust fan and the other end will go out the box.

    There will also be a duct muffler and a phat filter on the outer end past the big fan.
  10. If your cab is going to be relatively air tight, and you have that nice 450cfm fan, and the intake holes are tiny, I think you're going to hear some whistling.

    Seem like you're doing great, just test temps with your current intakes, see if it gets enough air in. You could use wider PVC, or add more of the same ones you have. Not sure. Test it out.
  11. Hopefully I won't have to run it full bore but as soon as I get it finished I'll do a test with just the lights and see what happens. I won't screw the floor down until I know I'm ok. Luckily it's August so I should see the worst of the heat that I would normally see.

    Thanks for the comments and suggestions! I'll post more pics soon of the progress.
  12. Hey nice looking box so far. I too had plants before the box was complete and tested. That sucked! I have already began redesigning my intake and gave up on PVC.

    I will making the entire floor the intake with a sub floor below to work as a Light trap and water channeling. I currently have 2 3" intakes and I keep struggling not to cover them up. Also, my floor of my box was installed at an angle by accident, but works awesome for watering and run off.

    Hope this helps

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