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Finally made a trip to the headshop *Pics*

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Floydian_Slip, May 19, 2006.

  1. Whats up everyone?

    I was pretty bored yesterday afternoon so i called up my friend and asked if he wanted to make a run to the "local" headshop (about an hour away). The last time we attempted the trip we left at like 4, got really lost, and didn't get there until about 7:10. Naturally, the place closed at 7. Anyway, this was a much more successful trip.

    Check it out:

    The new bong ($28)

    a size comparison

    The new bowl ($20)

    And my personal favorite...

    The Fish bubbler!!! ($50)

    I've been dry a few days so I couldn't test anything out yet. I can't wait until i get my oz. this weekend.

  2. very nice +rep
  3. i like the short stealthy bong bro , cool fish bub as well. Nice pieces. Oh yea and don't forget to post the pics of the oz. I want to see some nugs bro. :smoke: JOE>
  4. absoultly love the fish bubler.... everything else is cool too.
  5. The Fish Bubbler is brilliant, nice purchase ;)
  6. perfect name for that bubbler dude...


    try to see how many times people ask wtf you're talking about before and after they hit it
  7. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who thought the fish was cool. I'll try to post some milkshots or maybe a video over the weekend. It looks like you should be able to see the fish fill with smoke, but we'll see.
  8. i thought the spoon was the coolest

    try hunting down tadin damiana tea

    it's easy on the lungs and you do feel a bit baked off it...amazing as it sounds I vaporized a small pile of this stuff after taking 8 tylenol 3's extracted and a half gram mixture of original cocacola complete with its stimulating effects and herb

    the damiana seemed to make me soar more in a subtle way that made way into a fit of uncontrollable giggles from this full body orgasm/tickle of pleasure
  10. mini bong! looks just like hazed's break that shit in dogggg
  11. Careful of your eyebrows when lighting that bong :D

    That bubbler looks ill man, good pickup for sure!
  12. sweet bub dude :smoke: :smoke: :smoke:
  13. Nice pipes, and nice name too ;)
  14. I like the fish, good find.
  15. hella sick bub. good pickup +rep:hello:
  16. LMAO... I had no idea!
  17. Very nice pieces, the pipe is my fav though. I love the changing glass work of it.
  18. Sweet li'l bong and nice piece. The bub is stunning
  19. that fish bubbler is awsome haha +rep

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