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Finally...leaving the man

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by justme, Aug 8, 2002.

  1. It's taken my forever to do this, but finally it is over with. I have left the man that I married and who abused me for 20+ years. I am once again.
  2. good luck with your new life, and i wish you a happier future
  3. good luck to you on your new adventures and a life full of happiness and peace.
  4. Glad you were able to! Some women aren't so courageous ;)
  5. Good for you, girl. It will be hard for a while but you're tough and well, you have all of us, so I know you will be fine!!!!
  6. bravo!!! you just did the hardest thing in the world - left the "security" of another person. good luck and best wishes! be happy :)

    i hope someday i'll find that same strength
  7. Good luck darlin!

    Hang tuff.

    And if you're still the same Justy you used to be..............


    It's all gonna be alright.

    I got them thar chicken strips on my ears!

    It's not easy being a Grand Poohbah.
  9. Justme.....Good for you!!!!!!!

    Believe in yourself! you did the right thing, it must have been very hard. But you will make and good things will come. We are all behind you here at the city, I'm sure of that.

    Peace and good fortune2you

  10. YOU GO GIRL!!!

    Being happy is what its all about! do you have children? i think your story is quite common ,sad but true , i am in the prosses of helping a freind of a freind , establish a new life in a new town w/ her 2 boys 14 & 6 . She came from a 20 some odd year relationship w/ a very abusive drunk . i can see the gammet of emotion on her face . i will do my best to help this woman in every way i can & maybe get a good freind to boot ,& even if were just too diferant & dont hang ,i will never look upon the experiance w/ regret ,for i have did my best to help a nother humanbeing. good luck to ya! I know where ever you are there will be that one stranger who will throw you that life line & pull ya in

    have a great one patch!
  11. Good Luck sweetie!
  12. Best of wishes to you! And a big YOU GO GIRL for being strong and leaving him.. Good luck with your better, saner, healthier life! :)
  13. lol

    I'm so happy to hear that you left an abuser. 20+ years? What took you so long, girl!

    Nobody deserves to be beat on.

    Congratulations for doing the right thing for yourself!

  14. I second that Critter. I wish we knew what was going on with her!
  15. yep, its true.
    I hate guys who beat on women, pisses me off so bad..
    even when my boy gets in lil fights with his sis n shit n he goes off, I jump in n stop em.
    the fact that me n his sis got a thing for eachother kinda matters too..but still :p heh
  16. Best wishes to you, I hope you find someone that will treat you right.
  17. Congrats...
    enjoy your freedom from all his crap.
    if u ever get that weird urge to return just think of all the shit and wake up.

    make sure u go for one of us NICE guys next time.

  18. 2 years and no word ???l hope all is well.:smoking:
  19. guys that abuse women are asshole scumbags who deserve to be locked up and have some big black guy named bubba as their new boyfriend i would never hit a women in fact i got my ass kicked by a woman a while ago because i hate it so much if i ever saw a woman being abused i would beat the fuck out of the person hurting her good job leaving that scumbag and i hope that you have a happy life from now on im gonna go smoke a bowl and send good karma your way wait wait its been 2 years oh no i hope shes ok and that that scumbag got wat was coming to him

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