Finally I Got My Pictures Everyone Come Look!!!

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by pyrotec420, Apr 9, 2003.

  1. Hello everyone i am pyrotec i am a fuckin insane stoner who dedicates his life to marijuana i finally got my pics to work and HERE THEY ARE!!!....Note: this is pure bc bud the best weed in the world amazing weed the first few pics are a 20 sack i bought pretty fuckin phat!

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  2. this is the smae weed but now cut up

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  3. here is a ounce of BC Hash fucking amazing stuff i have smoked better ive had better but this is wat i got and it is fuckin good

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  4. another

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  5. this is the last one...I WILL POST LOTS MORE PICTURES OF THE AMAZING BC BUD I GET! payce!!

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  6. tight..... hey i got an idea! Why dont u mail me some of that hash...... :)
  7. if you dedicated your life to the herb, at least find something nicer to smoke out of then metal, please.
  8. I second that!
  9. good call, glass brings out the taste in the bc buds!
    looks like a ton for 20 bucks (around here anyway) but i have bought bc bud in bc and got soooo much for my money
  10. i 3ed that motion!
  11. i 4th that. glass for the grass[​IMG]
  12. uhhhhh could u put some more up
  13. yea man! ditch the metal shit!
  14. hey dude i might know u man u do the hand signal my good friedn did , just wondering on were abouts u live?...if u live in vancouver and used to live in maple ridge then your BEEZU!.....reply back if your him and ill tellu who i am peace man

  15. Moi? sorry, if so... im not your friend.... im east coast united states...

  16. shiat
    ight then wicked KEEP BLAZIN!!!!!
  17. Will do,
  18. pyrotec when you see this call me and we will go blaze i got chronich aliright peace
  19. nice buds, nice hash, bet you got fucked up? one question, why are u hittin outta metal pipes?

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