finally got to do acid

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Jan 10, 2004.

  1. ahhh, finally got to do some acid, definitely awesome as hell. i took 2 hits wit some other kids who were more experienced and we all watched fear and loathing in las vegas. wow fuckin crazy movie i didnt know wat was goin on. it was real good until the peak when i had to go home and my dad picked me up, he knew i was on sumthin n started yellin n shit then parked in front of the police station like "you got 2 choices, either here or the emergency room" haha i was like "man fuck that, as soon as i get out of the car at either place i'm gonna run" then he started askin me wat the negative effects r n i told him "well if u go through alot of stress during it you can go insane" but he kept yellin anyway. but overall, 2 hits of acid had me trippin balls, haha i didnt even go into a bad trip bein parked in front of a cop shop wit cops walkin all around and bein screamed at... bad trips r overrated i think people jus need to learn how to control themselves n there minds..

  2. now that sounds like a friggin nightmare....
  3. I'm in the mood to do some acid rite now, im in a kinda fuck everythin, i just wanna have some fun mood....
  4. Very soon I intend to try shrooms. I've never done acid even though I surely hope to some day. Glad you had a nice trip. :D
  5. that's nifty that you got to try that, but haven't you been in enough shit with drugs lately to make you cool it? I wouldn't think you'd want to give your parents any reason to be pissed about drugs for a while. Just be careful, man.
  6. yea i been gettin in trouble but like now i got some drug morals n shit like "no more pills" and i'm stickin to the good drugs.
  7. that's good that you've set limits now. Personally, I'd still stay away from acid, because it can mess you up. I'd stick with natural things like pot, shrooms, peyote, etc.
  8. That sounds funny as hell, every part except for the movie, which sounds awesome. Glad you had a good trip....peace

  9. amanitas, cocaine, datura, tobacco, nutmeg? its funny you said no acid but to try shrooms, because theyre so identical in their nature. if you think acid can mess you up, so can shrooms ;)

  10. That's really wierd but i suppose everyone has their views about certain drugs.

    Like no acid but peyote....
  11. acid and shrooms may be similar, but shrooms are natural while acid is made by people. Also, peyote is a natural cactus growing in a good sized are of the US. I guess everyone has their own views on what's okay. I still try to stay away from most of those most of the time and save them for rare occasional uses.

  12. answer me one question please, why does it matter if something is "natural" or not? i mean lsd does no physical damage, while many natural things do.
  13. technically lsd comes from the ergot root, its natural, haha!
    kinda like mescaline comes from cacti
  14. very interseting post.... i think the decision to roll acid but not pills is interesting, however i suppose there are quite a few pills that will fuck you up way worse then acid. And the natrual v. unatrual debate is fasinating to, everyones views make sense to a digree, the thing with unatrual stuf is that humans fuck up sometimes and accdently put to much shit or soemthign in something and it just kills you, so thats the thing, but thats really rare, and peopel lace weed and shit to i guess, so you cant really escape that aspect of drugs. I think the most importnt thing to keep in mind with other drugs is that abuse CAN kill you. dont roll acid more then once or twice a month if that, cuz it will fuck your mind up. But the horror stories abotu people dieing there first time whiel doign shit liek that are mostly bullshit, and every once and awile, just to get fucked up, i say go for whatever, just be ina good spot. rolling acid right before you see yrou dad is proabbly not a good idea, but it soudns liek you dont care much if your parenst know so whatever. One drug not to many peopel mention is Ex. Mdma is manmade, but if you drink water you have nothign to worry about. Its liek all the good thigns of weed, but stronger, and none of the bad things. And, if you get a chance to have sex on extacy, do it, its a million times better. and if not, spank it, lol. aight, later, and soryr abotu the shitty spelling.
  15. while we're on the whole "natural" discussion:
    X is made from the sassafras(sp?) plant, so does that mean it's harmless?
  16. i did ex for the first time this saturday. it was absolutely fantastic. we looked up the pills and they were half mdma and half caffiene. i didn't stop dancing all night long. but i did drink at least a half gallon of water. and i had enough people not rollin around me to make sure i was okay. the guy who bought me the E pill said he really wants to do it again. but when i asked him to do acid with me he said he didn't know.. it sounded too dangerous. i guess some people just aren't educated about most drugs. i don't decide wether or not i'm goin to do a drug if it's natural or not, i do as much research as i can and decide if it's worth it.

  17. thats what i told myself, but i would (and do) use anything put in front of me as long as its free.. unless im just not in the mood.

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