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  1. To any who have not heard Magus Genetics is now part of Serious Seeds......

    so if you are looking for Biddy Sister, Motivation, or Warlock.. Simon has em now.

    hope this works out ..
  2. Have you tried either Serious or Magus female seeds?
  3. I've grown out Motavation and Warlock from Magus, and Chronic and AK47 from Serious. They were all pretty uniform in growth and heavy hitters. Especially Warlock and AK.
  4. Sorry, forgot to add those were femmed versions.
  5. Thanks for the heads up.:smoke:
  6. Thanks KM.

    Since I haven't seen either breeder brought up when people ask about female seeds figured I would ask.
  7. Motivation, Warlock were a give ways about 4 months (?) ago at the 'Tude. haven't gotten around to em myself, but I have already grown Warlock and it was good stuff about 10 years ago..

    on the Serious side of things( :smoke: :p ) : Bubblegum, Chronic, AK47,and White Russian (all regular, not fem'd) .

    all good stuff.. if I had to choose ..White Russian

    and I keep meaning to get a biddy early in my outdoor each year ..but never do. :(

    good luck
  8. I have been eyeing that white russian and been thinking about getting a pack.

    How does Highgrade-seeds AK and white russian match up to Serious?
  9. I grew out a femmed White Russian seed from Serious and it was a very stout, very indica plant. In the first week of 12/12 I dropped a sensor on it and topped it by accident. It ended up recovering very well from the topping and had 4 main colas. I got close to 3 ounces out of that plant with about 2 weeks of veg before 12/12. I probably would have had a baseball bat cola had I not topped it.

    It is a smooth smoke without much taste or odor - maybe just a hint of sour. It is usually my last bowl of the night because that shit knocks me out. In fact, it is about time for good night right now ... :smoke:
  10. I grew out the Motavation freebie from a while ago and it was much better than I expected, had a real strong dank smell and a great high, wasn't the best yeild but wasn't bad at all and the high more than made up for it :smoke:
  11. Free 3 pack of Biddy sister reg when you buy any pack of Serious seeds on the Tude.

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