finally got seeds....

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  1. OK so i bought a stupid seed starter kit from a general store filled it with whatever stupid dirt potting soil...

    i know it's better to start seedlings indoors in preperation for outdoor growing
    but i got a bunch of feminized seeds this time and was hoping to clone them to extend my garden

    if i start soon i could probably rig up acouple florecent lights gets some old ladies cut and paste em and end up with a good set. but i analized my outdoor soil mediums and i got crap... i mean a bunch of sweet f*** all for soil out here is sandy (80-90% sand 5-10% silt and less then 5 % clay)

    i can only do so much under florecent lights. improving soil takes awhile i do have alot i can and will do... like there isn't enough stupid crap to fill my time hey

    so germ seeds, rig lights thats the plan till spring
    has anyone has success cloning to plant outdoor plus things i should watch for? i have about 6 fixtures with two lights a peice.

    I want to maximize my crop to supply me and my girl but you always know there will be others that want a cut of some fine grade product (it's better everyone is happy)

    i live in the bush... lots of animals lots of raw materials. I don't want to be goin in the store and buying out complete stocks of vermiculite,perlite, and manure. i bought cheap fault but i'll do with it what i can. i have a crap load of un composted manure and was reading up on manure tea.

    i was wondering can manure tea be supplimented as and outdoor hydro system to feed through sandy soil? I have all the irrigation equiptment one man could want. it would improve the soil eventually... but if ran on timers could give the plant all it needs while it grows. what happens to the ammonia in manure tea? could i hurt my plants?

    I can definately do green houses for whatever need be (simple to constuct simple to place)

    I was also looking at training each plant to grow sideways to maximize sun exposure. i do have a problem with creepy crawlies out here. grass hoppers and spiders galore but a green house would help. I have constructed 14x12 foot green house... with full sunlight but having full sunlight means out in the open. I was thinking heavy plastic and some tomatoes to help. reduced visiblity and the the bright red would probably put off any prying eyes ( no one will second guess at a glance )

    i will probably do good soil mix in the center and native soil mix around water once ever 3 days or less with fertilizer and the rest with water as needed which it will need which i have no lack of. You know that being out of the city is supposed to be awsome but i'm on a long journey to self sufficentecy ( i can't wait till i can close my gate and post the sign tresspasser will but shot on the fence post )

    so i guess i'm asking for imput and some support I've never grown on my own and all the experience i have it watching drip systems like science. All i need is success to back my ego so i can feel confortably doin something more. All i've got is simple science to me never been out on my own doin this but i want it to work good so i feel ok about the investment of time and money i put into it

    i have :
    drip systems, irrigation hose, (butt load) of sandy soil, Raw manure, constuction materals, lots of tools, 160 acers of half pasture half trees ( trees are poplar aspen something shallow roots), lots of water, lots of animal manure (pigs horse cows chickens), florecent lights.maybe more

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