...Finally! Got My 1st MFLB!!!

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    So true mate so bloody true
  2. But your really doing the same thing. Your saying if you milk up a bong with the LB you will be higher than using it normally. Using the WPA you need to stutter your breath to milk it. You just inhale it all at once instead of hit hold hit hold hit hold. If thats the case i can argue that the sipping technique without the WPA would get you higher. You are holding in that vaper longer and getting it much deeper into your lungs. The deeper int he lungs you go the more efficeient your lungs are at absorbing things.

    Say you sip from the lunch box...then again...and again. You are pushing the original vapor farther and farther down into your lungs hence increasing how much THC is absorbed. With the WPA or running it through a bong in anyway you stutter your breath until it is milked and then clear it. This means mostly oxygen is in your deeper lungs and less vapor...this means less high. The only way i can see a WPA getting you higher is the initial rush from not high to high in a very short amount of time. With the sipping you are getting higher with ever sip so it isn't "as" notable a change in perception.

    Just my take on things and of course you 100% have the right to your own.

  3. Same thing with a bong like a stemline with no drag at all, with vaping there is always a technique, same deal with vapor bong, your inhaling twice as long as a normal toke, then exhales half ways and start over, many ways too do it.
  4. /Agree-nuff said. All comes down to your preference and technique.
  5. lol, look at this, pretty decent
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfIIKQuPuJc]MFLB with WPA and pedestal bong(battery) - YouTube[/ame]
  6. Ya vito and JD both have some good vids of the WPA in action. LB isn't a bad bong milker by any means. The trench just cooks to fast for my taste(pun intended) I like slowly sipping on a LB trench until its finally that uniform golden brown.
  7. my preffered method is native mode
  8. I like the glass or wood stem for that nice classy "im puffin like sherlock holmes himself" look, but native mode can't be beat for its stealth and taste really.
  9. ive converted my friends to vaping and they were only smokin it now they vape it too, all thanks to the MFLB

  10. I was considering buying a mflb, until i looked on my rubbernecks ebay and seen the arizer solo for 200$ with shipping, prolly no warranty, but that doesn't bother me.
  11. mflb is an awesome thing, id recomend it hands down for portabal vapes, i intend to buy an extreme Q in a few months for a home unit but till then this vape is the best thing ever, super quality, lifetime warranty even iuf you broke it, and overall the stealth and taste with this is superb.
  12. i was just vaping a magical herb and my mum walked in and i easily covered the mflb and talked to my mum and she did not know i was high in the skies.

    its just too good to be true

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