...Finally! Got My 1st MFLB!!!

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Vato805, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. So its here!!! Heard so many good things...hit one once, but now i get to test it all for myself!!! so excited!!! This thing is amazing and the makers are also amazing!!!

    Thanx to Randy at puffitup for hooking it up big time!!!
  2. thing looks flash for sure
  3. thanks for putting that lighter next to it that makes me want it even more now!

  4. Welcome, Yup! Universal Measuring stick! besides i hate how i could never find any good size pix before i got mine
  5. lol i have mine out right now...... thing is small for sure!

    works very well for me too
  6. How are you diggin' it so far? I'm about to get my MFLB in a few days, and quite excited for that. Do you prefer vaping over smoking now? Awesome pics with the extra supplies man!

  7. I havent hit it yet, i was making the adapters and im doing some mods to it right now as soon as im done tho!

    no i will forever love 2 smoke!

    but intrested to get in vaping, for a more mellow high!

    do plan to get a full on vape next
  8. For everyone wondering, ballerass Vato805 will be making a very sick and in depth review once he's had time to experiment with his box.
    Stay tuned :cool:

  9. Thanx for reminding me Bro!!!
    I"ll post the preview after this pic
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PRgu-yLTdc]‪GC-MFLB-PREV‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  10. I feel that man, I love to smoke as well. I'm also interested in getting into vaping, which is why i'm getting the MFLB. If it does well for me and I stick to vaporizing then I wanna look into a Sliver Surfer. It seems like the most appealing stationary vape to me, and many here endorse em! Maybe in need to stop counting my eggs before they hatch haha.
    Anyways, looking foward to checking out that review. What was that song in the vid? Had a sick beat:smoke:
  11. ahahahah why the hell did you make a youtube preview for a youtube video

    btw, vaping right now, i looove the mflb soo much :D its so conservative.

  12. Yea im looking into that or da buddah same makers!
    I'll upload the song and send it your way its not available online, atleast i couldnt find it anywhere its underground shit

    Cause i can;) it wasnt meant for the public eye only for a few close friends and associates
  13. I really like the idea of burning your name into it and whatnot. there could be a whole market of artistically worked mflb by using that burning technique. i forget the name of it, but i did it back in high school shop class. anyways, enjoy brutha i know those lil guys are sweet! definitely check out the wall plug, it kicks it up a whole 'nother notch.
  14. yea i thought vato was gonna draw some dreamscape scenery or tripping spiral mind fucked shit. but fire etching is pretty fucking baadass
  15. Good job cropping on the MFLB I'm sure you will love getting stoned off your tree 3 separate times! How much did you pay? Did you buy those extra batteries and what not?

    Seems like you gotta better deal than I, I paid $100 flat at the LHS in Berkeley, kinds jewed em out haha told them it was all I had. But it only came with the 2 batts 1 brush and 1 tube, yours looks tripled up, nice!

  16. I ended up paying 120 for the kit
  17. You don't have to go to all that trouble man, but if your going to thats cool. Gotta love that underground shit:smoke:
  18. bro, how did you engrave letters into the side of the box? That looks so sick haha:smoke:

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