...Finally! Got My 1st MFLB!!!

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Vato805, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Its called Pyrography, im not this good...yet but here is a video of the process
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7suUO-FFyMI]‪Julia Surba: Pyrography on frame drum‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Congrats on your purchase! You'll love it.

    P.S I also see you on FC ;)

  3. thanx and yes i do, and yes i am
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    Hey what kind of bong is in that first pic? So nice.

  5. That My Friend is a 13in Royalty mini beaker with ice pinches and recessed joint
  6. I really wanna read the review!!!

    How is it...

    Smell wise[how much is leaked out]?
    High wise[how much does it take, hows it feel]?
    Smoke wise[taste]?
  7. Did your MFLB come with as many batteries that are in the pic or you bought extra ?
  8. I'm sure they came with it along with that grinder. Puffitup has great combos for the MFLB. When i bought my sisters it came with a 2pc spacecase and glass stem *right before glass stems became the standard*

  9. Comming up ive been busy and using it daily but this weekend im putting it 2gether

    The guy bellow is right on
  10. Mine didn't come with a grinder or extra batteries mannnnn
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    Vapings the bees knees man
  12. Now you just need the plug adapter man! just ordered the adapter for the caddy as well.. MFLB = ultimate car smoking device
  13. Were do you guys order all these accessories, I just got my mflb, love it, can't wait to accessorize it, I know that sounds mad gay, but if you have an mflb you know what im saying.
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    America has all the parts
  15. Anybody else feel as if the smoking high lasts longer than vape higg
  16. I HIGHLY recommend the power adapter. I haven't used the batteries since. I get milky ass hits
  17. when vaping i find that moving around keeps it going alot stronger, if i aint gonna walk nowhere or do nothing but watch a movie i get into the habit of moving your feet every so often to keep the blood moving, had a very awesome high time doing that for hours on 1 trenche

  18. actually no, when you use a real vape with a bong, i get stoned for even longer. You can't get a real full experience of vaping from the mflb, just the tip of the iceberg.
  19. I have to disagree. I've met alot of vaporist in my town since moving back and yes they all vapes will keep your high longer for most people. Many people with a higher tolerance go to vaping because their high last ~30 mins or so and then burns out. After trying many....MANY modles of vaporizers ( we have a little group going) I can say every vape i have used to date gets me just as high with the same amount of herb. The exceptions being the MZ and PD. If i vape 1g in the PD and 1g in the SSV the PD will keep me high ALOT longer. The SSV will punch me in the face...hard, but ill go through the bud a lot faster. In this sense i will be high for a less amount of time. It all comes down to the method of intake. If you smoke a bong you will get punch in the face ad be higher faster, but for a shorter amount of time than a bowl. The high starts slower hence you are technically higher longer...just not as high. In my experience a MFLB, when properly used ( this sometimes means the PA is needed to compare to some model of vapes), you can achieve the same high as say a SSV with the same amount of bud.

    I think some people just don't realize how little goes into a MFLB trench ( not packed of course...its not meant to be). To compare my MFLB to say a PD i need the PA to set the temp low and just sit back and enjoy a trenches taste and have light hits. If i want to compare to a SSV or something like that i need 2700 bats or the PA to really turn things up and gets some power hits ( Not as large as a SSV but will blow clouds.

    TL;DR: In my experience, after using many different vaporizers, I personally feel you can achieve the same high as any other model of vaporizer using the MFLB.
  20. well duh, but it takes alot more to get high, i can milk my bong full of vapor, so two good full vapor bong tokes get me more than good enough. I find with vapes you need huge vapor tokes all at once instead of little tiny vapor clouds, because i feel it takes forever just to achieve being high at all. bascically if you intake around the same amount as a normal bong toke, vapes get me a little more higher, plus the bowls lasts awhile. I could see it taking a bit longer than usual to achieve the same level of high with the mflb at once, but you can hook it up to a bong and i would say thats the way togo.

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