Finally got an interview for a job! Have a Question.

Discussion in 'General' started by MrBicMan420, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. Hey fellow blades I finally got a job interview after looking for the last six months. Only thing is it's at wal-mart and they drug test, and I have no idea what kind of drug test they do. So my question to all of you is do any of you know what kind of drug test wal mart does? And I haven't smoked in three or four days, but before that I was smoking all day every day for like a month. Do you guys think I should be worried about failing? Thanks for all the help in advance guys. Oh and if this isn't in the right board please move it. :smoking:
  2. dont konw about their tests

    . you said u havent smoked in 3-4 days but didnt say when ur interview is >.> lol

    if its within less then a week i would say you fail.
    within 2 weeks, probable fail.

    it usually takes a copule weeks for a daily toker man. i would look into synthetic urine in a pouch. they aint gonna stare at ur dick for minimum wage:D
  3. That all depends on you really. There are factors such as, how frequently you smoked, how much body fat you have, etc.

    In any case, I would still be drinking lots of water, exercising a lot, and take niacin.
  4. Sorry for the lack of info guys lol. Just excited about the interview is all. Heres all the info lol.

    Weight/height: 140 Lbs. 6'1" maybe 5'11"
    Interview time: Monday the 11th at 9:30 A.M.
    Smoke Frequency: Everyday, all day for the last month. (mostly Shwag)

    Any other info you guys need let me know and I'll tell ya =)

  5. man with that newly available info, your hopes are up.

    not much fat at alllllll, you branch lol jk jk.(edit, nothing serious but u put 6'1 maybe 5 11. lol 6,0?)
    freq, good that it was schawg thats a ++. hopefully u smoked blunt/joint vs bong/vape.

    you could have a chance at passing this thing. you have to burn off the layer off fat where the thc is stored.. meaning you have to either starve or go for a serious run. i would highly recommend going for a serious run today and tomorrow if you want to pass. burn the fat where thc is store (running) then come back in and munch the hell out to make more fat ontop of that. eat before bed. then continue running for next couple days BUT stop 1 or 2 days before test as you dont what the dirty fat being dispossed of as you are peeing.
    so the day before/of the test, eat alot, no exercise

  6. Thanks for all the help, And I smoked out of my bong and bub mostly... But when I got medical stuff (like three or four times) I'd vape it.... Oh and I can't do a run cause my knees are like incredibly horrible (Born with bad knees). But I can exercise other ways can't i? oh and for my height lol sorry I might be 6'0" but I haven't been measured in a long time lol.
  7. man, you're from colorado and you're smokin schwag? Tisk tisk.
  8. Tell me about it, I hate it so fuggin much. I've been trying to get my medical card (bad knees, bad back, bad neck, insomnia.) But the dr. I saw was a dick about not wanting to give it to me cause I didn't have my medical records with me. So now I have to wait to get it....

  9. you're 6'0" and you know it
  10. Walmart does an escreen/ecup test. You pee in a cup and they put a lid on it and put it in a machine that pushes a small sample into test strips that are in the lid. its a 5 panel i'm pretty sure...I used synthetic urine called Upass. 3 or 4 days?? thats not enough to be clean i'd get synthetic urine...After your interview they will give you papers telling you were to go for the test and you have 24 hours to do it or you wont be considered for hiring for a year. good luck
  11. Thanks! I'll look into a synthetic urine just to be on the safe side...

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