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Finally got a job...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by camram, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. Alright GC, I finally put the bong down for a couple hours here and there and now I'm a working I went from smoking weed for days to just tokin' after work and like another blade once told me, find balance with cannabis. I mean it's kind of a crappy job but that balance with cannabis makes it bearable/positive because at least I have an income.

    Another benefit is the after work sesh...

  2. welcome to the work force dude, what kind of job are you doing?
  3. It may seem like an inconvenience now, but try to be sociable with the people you work with and take pride in what you do. It will help the time go by smoothly, and possibly meet some new toking buddies.
  4. Blazin after long and boring work is the shit
  5. Def dude. Yeah man crap job but I'm certainly trying to stand out and get promoted. :smoke:

    I'd prefer not to disclose the job type but yeah it sucks.
  6. This thread is a bust if your not gonna tell us what kind of job it is... I mean, you have a job? ok... /thread. I've had multiple

  7. The point is he got off his ass and finally got a job...
  8. congrats on landing the job brotha much love sent your way
  9. It cant be much worst than mine....

    Cold Stone ice cream slave. lol

    i know my shit about ice cream now though, idk if thats a good thing :bongin:
  10. Retail is much worse, how bad can scooping ice cream be.
  11. Atleast you're making money, congrats.
  12. Its fast food.. I knew it

  13. I love Coldstone though!! :D
  14. This ^^^

    I was one of those who was unemployed for so long, I gave up. Gettin' high got me through the day but almost in a negative way. Now my smoke sesh after work is epic and the long Christmas weekend is even more reason to celebrate :smoke:

    So to those blades who have given up hope for work or just let weed become a life-stopper, if I can do it, you can do it!
  15. You realize what it is? Its not just scoping ice cream.

    Its a 6 hour shift of standing up, dealing with morons who cant order a simple ice cream, making ice cream, cleaning while working, cleaning up after working.

    Its really fun washing dishes, sweeping, cleaning bathrooms, mopping, all after making 400 ice creams. :wave:

    Moving 60 pans (probably 10 pounds a piece. and they are all like -20 degrees F.) of ice cream from one freezer to another, thats fucking fun.

    And do that all for 6.40$ an hour after taxes.... (7.25 before is minimum wage)

    Id love to work at a retail job....
  16. No you don't.
  17. Alright GC, I'm having a tough time trying to stay at this job because it sucks so much. I'm trying to at least stay for 1 month but every day I seriously feel like Peter Gibbons.

    I'm working retention at a call center and it's really starting to conflict with my morals. The company is basically scamming people and it's my job to convince them they need something they don't.

    Anyone have call center advice? Anyone ever work retention? Not sure what to do because I don't want to be a quitter.
  18. Welcome to the workforce.
    But how do you think businesses make money by being kind and giving deals? hell no! They do it by scamming all the money they can get out of people. And underpaying/overworking people.
  19. I work at a Crocs store, doesn't get much worse than that
  20. As long as its in ac I wouldnt complain

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