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Finally Good Deals

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Flyin Hawaiian, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. So my boy who lives in a larger city than me about a hour away has an amazing hookup dank ass bud 20$ for 1.5grams am i finally hooked up with a good dealer?

  2. congrats but for from where i live that would be considered a straight up middle school skimp.
  3. If it's cheaper than what you've been paying before, then you have a good thing going. It depends on where you live.

    That being said, two hours on the road isn't a great deal.
  4. Depends on where you live,
    I can get 2 grams for 20 bone
  5. Your dealer isn't legit if he is just moving 20 bags for an alright amount of weed. Your dealer is legit if you can hit him up for an oz any day of the week and he has a choice of a few different strains when you do.
  6. Here we actually do ahve real good deals for the area. About $280 an oz of dank when a lot of people are paying $350. Pays to know the right people.
  7. Seems good, I pay about $12.50 ish a gram. My oz's are 300-320 =( Sucks because I live in Canada too. But I'm ok paying these prices because my old dealers, you pay them $20 for 2g's they give you 1.5 anyway.
  8. i pay 20 for .9-1.1 for dank. Its Pa, which makes dank hard to get and usually pricey.
  9. In england its £10 ($15.87 on a converter) per g regardless of quality up to dank level pretty much everywhere from what I understand, it is around where I live anyway.
  10. I get 1-3 grams of free mmj dank erryday and I never have to leave my house to get it lol
  11. I pay 20 for 1 but he usually give me an extra .4 or 30 for 2 but again he gives me extra
  12. That's a pretty okay deal. I live about 30 min north of Miami (suburbs) and out here you'll pay $25 for 1.7. I buy half ozs in North Miami for $150, and you'll probably find $45 eighths of dank there, but $25 for 1.7 is pretty standard in suburbs so yeah I'd say you are getting a good deal.
  13. Please elaborate... I'm just curious as to how

  14. Growing. obviously haha
  15. That or he's a paraplegic, and has a rich family
  16. [quote name='"iCeD MeTaL"']

    That or he's a paraplegic, and has a rich family[/quote]

    That or he's a prostitute who gets paid in weed
  17. Lmao so funny i just scored 1.9 just weighed out of Sour D for 20$

  18. Where do you live there so I can move there to make some money
  19. Honestly I think most people lie about prices (and dick size) online. Whenever I look at prices questions on here I always feel like I'm the only one paying average prices around here. And I've had some pretty good dealers that have hooked it up before, but nothing like $5/g for dank ass dro like some people on here say.

    That being said, I think that's a good deal if the bud is dank.

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