Finally getting warm outside...when should I start germination

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  1. I live in Southren Ontario. It is just now getting warm out when should I start to germinate my seed
  2. yesterday .. start em indoor then Xplant outdoors..most outdoor growers started our seeds 1-2 months ago...

    then plant in late May , early June.
  3. Kind of already missed that boat IMO, you should have been starting them indoors about a month ago.
  4. Yeah start them as soon as possible. You should be good but might be small
  5. :laughing:

    just come oot of hibernation there
  6. I think that's why I like growing indoors. Its growing season all year long. If I had a back yard I would grow a couple plants tho.
  7. Heres what my little plant looks like now after 25 days, since I asked my original question

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    Looking good. Starting nutes yet?
  9. look good it's not big enough for nutes yet
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    If its over 25 days old, I would start quarter nutes
  11. what are nuts????
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    Nutes = nutrients
  13. Oh okay thanks
  14. it would be a waste at this point i cant see you getting much yield my plants are almost a month and a half old just put em outside I live in the east coast NB
  15. Yeah you might want to consider an indoor grow. Might be better since you're starting a little late. I don't grow outdoor but I think the time to plant outdoors was about 2 months ago in April
  16. you all do realize, the thread is a month old?

    looking good fredbear
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    He did an update like 2 days ago..
  18. New update I was wondering if it looks like Im overwatering.....the soil seems always needing water so I have averaged a bottle of water a day as thats what I did last year and I grew a healthy big ole plant....
  19. Plants like to dry out a little between watering. Forces the roots to become stronger by searching for water
  20. pics here

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