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Finally.. a vaporizer..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mango733, May 16, 2010.

  1. I never said anything about warranty, heat up time, OR materials. Those were just some big flaws in the design. Even if I'm not sucking up dirt, small(even microscopic) particles could build up and it did start to irritate my throat, not to mention that air passes through wires and electrical components.

    The DBV, SSV, and Extreme Q only take a few minutes to heat up so no problem there. They have ALL GLASS and ceramic pieces, unlike VB.
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    Ok, I've decided to go with the Arizer Extreme Q after much deliberation. Mostly because I want experience with both bags and whips. I'll post a report after I get it... Not that it will be weighed against any other vapes.. I'm a vaping noob fo sho.

    Im so fucking excited mmmmm

    and EDIT:

    I'd like to know how in gods name you found the ingenuity to make a decent quality homemade vaporizer... to whoever said that.
  3. Good choice, congrats on your first vape.

    With the Q, you only can use the fan for the bags.

  4. My Vapor Bros. Hands Free should arrive in the mail today pretty soon here. I'll test it just for you and let you know how it is overall before the night is out. :D
  5. I've used the whip with the fan on the lowest level just for fun. Not that it was amazing but it was cool how the vapor was just blown to you. Definitely a good decision OP. My friend has this vape and it's definitely worth the money.

  6. I agree completely. Nothing that guy said is actually a problem in reality. I've never once had a problem with bud falling into the heating element. If you pack the bowl properly, it isn't at all an issue. Also, as long as your house doesn't have a dirt floor, drawing air from the bottom isn't at all an issue. There are particles in the air everywhere, not just under the vape. Unless you never dust or clean the area you are vaping on, there is no issue.

    As far as the materials are concerned, I have never once tasted a chemical taste while vaping. Just because there is metal doesn't mean it is bad. If the proper metals are used, it poses no health risks whatsoever.
  7. I mean... I feel like anyone who has a slightly pricey vaporizer is going to be like fuck yeah my vape is awesome...I know I'm going to :D. I just appreciate that NYC could offer me some specifics to help my selection yknow.. especially if it's his perceived flaws with a model I was looking at..

    But after my next pay check I'm going to order an Extreme Q so i'm done with this thread anyhow.
  8. Exactly mango, I never said everyone would have the same experience or opinion.

    Not trying to argue but towards the end of the bowl on the VB the herb really starts to fall out of place since it's smaller and drier then when you packed it. Fresh bud holds a lot of water weight, so when your almost done vapin it has shrunk a considerable amount.
    I also noticed that the screen for the VB is slightly larger then that of my current DBV, simply meaning you gotta pack a little more.
    And again, killer, I NEVER said anything about the materials at all. That's as much as I'll say bout Vapor Bros

  9. im with you killer...ive had my vb for a good amount of time now with no bud never falls onto (keyword onto because thats the worst that could happen it cant fall INTO the heating element like so many people say) and the contaminated air supply argument is just absurd...i vape off a book which i clean frequently and i inhale plenty of dust particles anywhere i walk...the heatin element is also not at a very steep all...put a book under the back legs of the unit if you have a problem with the angle and it will be totally horizontal, the "problems" listed really arent problems yet they are heard again and again from the same 5 people...the vb is a solid unit plain and simple

  10. There really is no "in place" other than inside the bowl. It doesn't have to stay stuck to the screen. It vapes better when it is loose in the bowl. Also, I grind my bud pretty fine and I've never had a problem with any falling into the heating element. I'm sure you could get some down there if you exhale into the whip or something stupid like that but with normal use, it isn't a problem. The same goes for the air being drawn from the bottom. If you put it in a pile of dirt, you could have a bad experience but if you use it properly, it is a non issue. It's kind of like saying that a car has a design flaw because it breaks if you drive it in 3 feet of water.

    Now, I'm not saying that every other vape is worse or anything like that. The DBV, Extreme, and many others are all good vapes. I'm not trying to bring them down. However, I didn't want someone to read this and base their decision on misleading information. I've used mine countless times and have never once noticed or had an issue with the "flaws" you mentioned.

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