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Finally.. a vaporizer..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mango733, May 16, 2010.

  1. Soo iv'e been blazing my balls off lately and in consideration of the fact that I don't want my lungs yelling at me all the time I'm going to drop some cash for a vaporizer. Iv'e got a bunch of questions and will be doing research but I figured you guys could help me out here..

    First off, Id really not like to spend over 300 dollars.. but am willing to compromise a bit for quality.

    Second off, Id like to know more about volcanoes, as they seem to be the big cheese... What other brands are comparable and what are the perks/faults of those brands.

    Third, will the internet save me money here... the internet always has all the answers...

    Fourth QUALITY > PRICE.

    I do not want to regret my purchase here.
  2. Yea deff go with a vape style, always had greeeeat experiences with them :D you can get a good one off ebay for like 70-100 bucks believe it or not

  3. I can personally vouch for the vapor bros. I've had mine since November and I have nothing but good things to say about it. From what I can tell, the heat is consistent and it gets me blazed. There really isn't anything more I could want.
  4. I've had a great experience with Arizer as well. I went with the V-Tower instead of the Extreme and saved about $100 - the differences are very minor. I've been using it for about 8 months now with no problems at all.
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    "some brands/model you should check out.
    Da budda Vaporizer
    Purple Days
    Silver Surfer

    my best advice would be to start out with something not so expensive..see how you enjoy vaporizing on a small scale..then work your way up to buying bigger and more expensive systems.

    Vaporizers do smell..depending on what they vaporize..vaporize weed and the room is going to smell like hot bud..but not smoke or burning bud(unless your heat is up)..keeping the door closed does help containing the smell but it also kills air circulation..your best bet is to light a candle/incense..crack a window or turn on a fan. other than that vapor does dissipate by itself after awhile.

    i hope i was some help..btw my first vape was a vapor brothers handfree i did a lot of research before i bought it on different forums and websites before i settled."

    got this from another post i made awhile back.

    if i were in your shoes i would get a whip vaporizer for around 200 and spend the rest on whatever you want.

    but if you want a bag operating vape..volcano/zephyr ion are at the top of their pyramid..because of publicity and how simple they are to use.
    now if you get a whip based vaporizer ur his will be thicker..instead of vapor bag hits which use forced air, theres somewhat less control when it comes to using a bag but its great for parts.

    have fun..tell us what you get. BTW look for coupons..sales..specials on sites you encounter.
  6. Da Buddha rocks. I can't believe how well it works and how easy it is to use. And easy to clean too.

  7. me and my boyfriend just got the herbalaire about a month ago via the internet, it was i thinkg 236 after all the taxes and stuff, its nice i really like it it cames with bags or a tube and its pretty small and makes no smell

    i would suggest this if your on a lower budget it works great and oru weed lasts soooo much longer now

    herbalAire - About herbalAire Ltd.

    thats the exact vape we got, its really nice its a litte bit more expensive on there site (only 250 tho) but im sure you could look around and get it a few bucks cheaper if you wanted too.

    i honstly love this vape its perfect lmao
  8. oh wow i like ur avatar..i've never actually met anyone who's watched Angela anaconda except me lol.

  9. haha thanks i loveeeeed that show when i was like 12-13ish i watched it every day after school lmao
  10. I recommend the Magic Flight Launch Box. Its small enough to fit in your palm, but still gets the job done. Since Ive bought it, I have not smoked any other way.

    Most vaporizers take time to heat up and are not portable. I like how this vape heats up instantly and can be carried around in your pocket.

    They're like $100.

  11. The Vapor Brothers has some flaws.

    I would suggest a Da Buddha(of the Silver Surfer which is a slightly more expensive model) vape, it's very simple and works really well in giving rich(not thick) vapor and great flavor. The Extreme Q is a great unit that does both whips and bags.

    The 'Cano is not the best just because it's the mist expensive. I would not really reccomend it especially as a starter. You can get a really great vape for 300 or less.
  12. Another voter for Magic Flight Launch Box. Awsome little unit, works great to vape hash too and completly stealth.:D:smoking:
  13. Although I don't have my MFLB yet (it should be in the mail tomorrow), I vote for that. If you don't want a portable one, definitely splurge another 200 and get a volcano. People think they're overrated, and they are to an extent, but it is such a bad ass motherfucking device to smoke out of that it doesn't matter.
  14. When you take your first hit out of the Launch Box, hit it without the tube. It'll be the best tasting hit you've ever had.
  15. ^ if you think that tastes good..take a hit from a vaporbros or a dbv..that will rock ur brain.

  16. You should not smoke from a vaporizer. And the Fact that the volcanon is extremely overrated is not justified by you saying that's it's "such a bad ass motherfucking device to smoke from". Which by itself clearly shows you know nothing about vapes.
  17. I´m all for the MFLB or a Purple Days. Both are awesome, and the PD saves you SOOOOO much weed. You can get baked of so little it´s crazy!!
    Get both, one as your desktop vap and the MFLB for portability!!! :smoking:
  18. my first time getting high was from a vap. most amazing time of my life.

  19. Dude, show was awesome back in the day.

    [ame=]YouTube - Angela Anaconda[/ame]

    I'll just leave this here...

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