??? final weeks of flowering; what can/should i feed her to give a lil boost ???

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  1. my buds have been slow to develop but they are slowly, very slowly starting to fill in. what can i give her for a snack that will help her fill in?

  2. Hi..

    There are many nutrients designed to increase bud size. I do hydro and use GH KoolBloom in my nutrient solution during flowering. I also use GH FloraNectar, which is a sweetener. Many people use molasses during the last few weeks.

    You didn't say what nutrients you are using or if it's a soil or hydro grow, so it's hard to recommend a specific product.

    Good Luck~
  3. my tea mix is fish fert 5-1-1/molasses/earth juice 0-3-1 idk about giving it nutrs the last weeks thow arnt you suppose to start flushing it/
  4. I hear tons of people like molasses. (MOLE ASSES)

    I got some for free and just started using it, I noticed a difference in 2 days. Which makes me sad... for the last crop, and for not having it before!

    Its a mix of the molasses and some nutes to keep her green during flower, plus my crappy release over time miracle grow. (which works great, dont bash it! You just dont get the yields you do with liquid nutrient formulas. )

    Oh yeah, more light too :)
  5. im growing in coco,an when mine are ready i will be useing canna coco boost for 6-7 weeks then flush with water thats been through my osmosis filter.but i have been told to use molasses as boost is very expensive.
  6. just starting to fill in... only been using MG bloom boost. considering tryin some molasses but still lil unsure...


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  7. what diffrence did u notuce when u used molasses??
  8. foxfarms Cha-Ching ... its not in their original trio, its in their soluables trio.

    makes a world of a difference in resin production
  9. They look to be lacking many things. How far along into flower are they? Definitely use some molasses, it is full of good sugars and other trace elements your plants need. And ditch the mg, that is your biggest problem. I know nutes are expensive but there are cheap ways of growing some good dank.
  10. this is my first grow and been using the molasses the whole flower so i have nothing to compare it to but my buds are really sticky. actually gave my friend a little nug off the bottom and he said it was really sweet
  11. From using molasses: The buds got a little denser, it went from looking like single buds going up the colas (2 to 3 inch buds) to a single bud all up the stem on the main branches.

    I dont know if it was the molasses but the plant had not grown vertically for 3 weeks, once I gave her that she grew the last inch and then a half and is now pushing on the top of her box.

    So I noticed a slight growth bump and denser buds. This is the same plant that I grew last crop so I will be able to tell the difference in taste in about 2 weeks as well to compare the 2. (hoping its the same if not better in flavor)

    I can also say quick drying (ive done microwave and oven as well as paper bag on a warm surface) or smoking bud off a plant that has not air dryed or been cured at least 3 days after a natural drying is nothing compared to what it can be. I was quick drying bud while I waited for the other half to cure and I wish I had waited for it all to cure, the smell is so much better as well as the smoke flavor.

    Do you have pics of your plants now?

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