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  1. Today my HLG Quantum board 260W came in the mail, and after paying 490 CAD for it with duties. I have finally got it assembled which I got done during a game of monopoly (which I won) took about 20 minutes after OCD cutting and stripping of wires. They've updated quite a few things since the last batch, Such as the cord, it now has a built in daisy chain i didn't see on the previous models, might be mistaken. Overall I'm running a Gen1 Mars 600W ( 280W draw I believe ) 2 Gen1 Mars 300's (135Wx2 = 270W Draw ) An the QB 260W At 3K For flower.

    Totaling 810 true Watts in a 2x3x5 Tent

    giving me 135W per square foot in the tent. Over Kill?

    biggest girl started 5th week of flower,
    smaller girl is 2.5 weeks into flower,

    Using a 6" 400 Cfm Exhaust
    using a 4" 260 Cfm Intake
    using a 100 Cfm Fan Intake
    Hopefully ill have no heat issues, been 4 hours and sitting steady at 26.5 C give or take .4 of a degree
    Will give updates with heat and grow overall

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  2. After a first night full run the temps reached 26.7C with the tempurature outside beong 28C with high humidity, the lights more efficient than I first thought.
  3. Never thought I would post this but that is an insane amount of light for the space. All you need is the qb panel in there. You could maybe add one mars 300 to it but that's it. I can't believe all those lights even fit in there.
  4. My QB 260 still hasn't shown up. Day 16 since order. QB panels recommended watts per square in flower is 25-30.
  5. It's only going to be like this for another 3 weeks as she finishes but I'm taking out a 300 to go with my other 300 to make another veg tent. I just wanted to really pack on some weight in the final weeks of flower.

    This tent is going to have the 600w mars and the qb

    Other tent will be 3 300 w mars for veg of 7 plants.

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  6. Oh boy, I thought it took the same 50w sq/ft rule.

    Well I guess it to change up the lights and take out the 300's leave the qb and 600w and start the autos a little earlier. Haha

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  7. How hard is the panel to assemble?I've done wire stripping and can read directions. I would rather not ask my husband for help.
    I'd really like to get one some day and from what I've read here fully assembled is pricey.

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  8. All you need is scissors and a Phillips screw driver, They're so simple to do its like playing with legos.

    For the 260w ( different than the 90 and 180 w)

    Wiring is

    Brown to black
    White to blue
    Green to green

    On board in series one board is upside down to make series easier, it's lights off right now but when they're on I'll show everything.

    On the board the
    red goes to + on one side of the board
    Black goes to - on the other
    Cut a piece of the extra long wire they provide ( black one ) and cut a 3 inch piece to series connect the + and - on the bottom of the board connecting the2 boards together.

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  9. The assembled lights sell for almost twice what the kits sell for. The kits are very reasonable. They're slightly higher priced then many cheaper led panels per watt. The two board 260 kit is higher wattage then many 600w older panels.

    There's a video on the website.
  10. The only thing I did different in the video was use the WATERPROOF connector instead of using the wagos connectors like he does

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  11. I'm not used to the power of actually powerful leds as ive only used mars leds for years lol. Thanks for the info Tbone,

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  12. Thanks guys, that doesn't sound hard. I'm watching the video now.

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  13. Recommended size area for flower with a 260 panel is 2x4 or 3x3. That's 8 or 9 square feet.

    If you run the panel dimmed a little back from full power that is 29-32 watts per square. I'm running 47.125 on my flower side with my platinum led's and it's a little more then I need IMO. The 30-50 rule of thumb we throw around is from mars website and is a guide for their older first and second gen lights.

    With the increased efficiency of the qb's you don't need as many watts per square. They put out so much more light per watt. I bet QB's are way more then 50% more efficient then older mars diodes without looking at the numbers. I know the newest s6 bin panels are 10% or so more efficient then cree cobs.
  14. You've basically just convinced me to start another tent because I have so many damn lights laying around That will match those number lol

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  15. What will happen if I keep all this light in there? Do you think the added 260w qb can bleach my bud?

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  16. I would think you would have a really hard time keeping it cool enough at the top of the canopy by the buds. You could try it. If you see heat or light stress on the leaves I would reduce the amount of lights.

    Even with just the QB panel you're at 43 watts per square. That's overkill. You could probably run that panel turned down 30% and still kick ass on on yield in there for super cheap.

    Part of what is cool about led's is saving money on electricity but not sacrificing yield. You're defeating the purpose and I'm not sure if you'll actually get more bud. You can only fit so much bud on a 2x3. 8-10oz's maybe. It's a small space to fit a pound.
  17. I'm not reaching for a pound but damn even 8oz would make me a happy camper.

    I'll take out the 2 - 300w's tonight and start another tent i have seeds on seeds I need to get going

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  18. No problem man. 8oz's is right in that light's capability in there. You can probably do better then that. I just chopped down a blue dream and I'm jarring up the last few buds from the dry rack. I've been smoking off of it already for about 2 weeks so I've already went through almost an oz. I got 12 quart jars of dried bud which is about 12 oz's from just that plant. I still have another large white widow drying. Close to a 20oz harvest. That's about what my last one was. I hope I'm not peaking out in the 4x4. Next round I get to see what the QB can do.

    I think I can do better because I end up with almost as much larf as big buds. I had a pound of dried small buds and trim last crop that I made edibles out of on top of the 20oz's. That pound of trim was weighed after it was decarbed in the oven so it was bone dry. The QB's have better penetration to reach and develop more of the lower growth.
  19. My wife got get 260w today in the mail so we're ganna put hers up. Ordering a 4x4 tent right now to use my other lights in. I underestimated the power of the QB

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  20. My plan is to buy a second one for my 4x4 after I do a crop with a mix of qb and platinum. My eventual setup in the 4x4 flower tent I have is going to be just two QB260w kits and a UVB solacure t5 in the middle if I ever get a round to it. I also need a new exhaust on my car though so it may be a while.

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