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final exam season

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by relieF, Dec 13, 2002.


would toking (not blazing) get my high grades?

  1. too late. i'm blazed.

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  2. depends. if you study high..

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  3. yes.

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  4. no, you dunce, and your puns suck.

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  1. here i am, my friends stoned and asleep, and i'm browsing through the net when i should be studying up for my exam tomorrow morning. i'm getting blasted this weekend.
  2. i go, i do, then i forget and then I do another task and say dont forget about this, end up doing that, clearly focused but not in the organization and STOP. flick 1 rewind click play here we go OH (haha) yeah ok, now do it again for the first time, wait STOP whats this, oh yeah, allright productiveness STOP then what, something new here we go and set, think, time and what is this? relative? hahahaha....yeah...sure..
  3. whacked out man. i'm not always like that though. usually it's like studying in a sinking ship.
  4. PROCRATINATION is the key to success in life my kind friend..
    see here, (besides the underlying garble jargon) it is in fact a truth that no one can warp..

    see exhibit A
    Hard Work Often Pays Off After Time, but Laziness Always Pays Off Now. "

    ok, now you understand all that powers you in this moment, thank you.
  5. hm. good point. although my philosophy is less about payoff of slacktime. it's about time efficiency. one you've learned how to deal with daunting pressure, you can do anything.

    ie if i only have two hours to study for my final, then i'll probably learn more in those two hours than if i studied the whole day.
  6. exactly. i think..wait..
  7. oh yeah ok...I thought you were being contradicting there, but right on..

    its so cold in here my head, and the cold outside, and the head just doesnt work sometimes with all this cold. Im not good in cold weather and I just wanted to get that off my chest, which is in fact cold as well, i could cut glass with out any procrastination there, just do it honey.
  8. According to studies, you tend to remember in the state in which you studied… pick sense from nonsense.

    Den A

  9. lmao sensi!!! i take it you voted "too late. i'm blazed" ??? :D

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