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  1. Ok this plant came above ground March 6 and I was wondering if I Fim at the line in pic, or is too soon? Also this one looks to be male what do you think??
    Thanks Dale

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  2. Well, from what I see it looks to be female. If I had a close up, I could tell, but they look like pistols as of right now, which would dub it female.

  3. Can't tell the sex yet, too soon.
    FIM line looks ok. A little higher up might be better but, not sure.
  4. If I'm not mistaken you should cut right below the apical meristem (the main bud).
  5. That plant grew about 2 inches in a couple of days under a 42cfl and the top got burnt. Seems the plants are growing faster under Flours than compared to a 400hps. Im going to wait a couple days then Fim.

    Thanks Dale:hello:

  6. Where in the pic do you see it's female? The reason your getting better growth with fluoro's is the HPS has the red spectrum and your cool whites have the blue spectrum and that what promotes veg. growth. HPS obviously can be used from the start but like you experienced-- fluoros at this point is better, plus you can put the fluoro's right on the plants without heat and burning your plants as the HPS needs to be up farther from the plant.
  7. i dont see any pistols yet either only the little leaves that grow on the stem of both plants that makes u think it a female until it grows a little more and sexes then u see next to them balls or points. i thought i kinda saw balls formin at the top. I COULD BE HIGH:smoking: . kinda hard to tell could still be to early most likely. WHAT IS FIMMING CAN SOMEONE PLEASE BREAKE IT DOWN????? is it just topping?
  8. Metal Halide is better than Fluoros but if heat is a concern fluoros are great to, less heat and ya can put the light right on the plant like 1-2 inches above them, if heat is not an issue use all you can MH & fluoros, good luck

  9. HIGH All, I'll get shit on for saying this....yes FIMing and Topping are just about the same thing....Topping you cut O.F.F.F. the whole Top which will give you 2 new ones. FIMing you take about 80% of the Top...if the FIM worked you could get up to 4 or more new Tops that will...well you know the rest.
  10. Unoit thats the way I understood it. I also thought I saw balls thats why I thought it was male. The plant had been under MH until about 4 days ago then I inmstalled HPS bulb because I had 1 plant flowering and no Flower Box. Now I have Flower Box now I will go back to MH Bulb.

    Thanks Dale
  11. if u see balls chop! thats my moto i had two "sisters"until i saw little balls now she is an only child... or shold i say mother with the clones i took...
    UNOiT: i was planning on topping my clones once they get a little bigger to get two headed dragons so to speak... is there any reason i should FIM instead if i am already pretty good at topping?
  12. HIGH All, hey Dank.....doing the FIM will not Always work..I say about a 60% chance of it working...the good thing about FIMing is if it doesn't work you'll still get at least a 2 headed Dragons growing.
  13. Here's pic after Fimming.

    Thanks Dale

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  14. hey unoit, when you say like 80% do you mean 80% from the very top of the main bud, back down to the very bottom the node it comes from??

    just tryin to figure this out cause would love to get 4 main colas!!

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