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  1. Just top it might as well brotha

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  2. I just got done doing a side by side comparison of topping verses FIMming (I really did miss, was trying to top both) topping gave me much much better results, and more quickly. I'll post pics later if you want
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    There's more than one theory/technique on fimming. It stands for Fuck I Missed. It comes from people that were topping plants and didn't actually get the whole top off. They noticed that sometimes they would get 3 or more tops faster than fully topping. Some people just pinch last smallest growth on the top without removing it. They just damage it a little.

    Others remove only the tips of the last grow top. It's supposed to cause less stress than actual topping.

    Here's a good article. Always good stuff at this site.
    Topping vs FIMing Cannabis - Get Step-By-Step Instructions! | Grow Weed Easy
  4. That is a great link. I actually learned the difference of the techniques from that page.

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