Fim, Top, or Lst?????

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  1. I have read so much here on these topics I am now confused:confused:? Which is method is the best for a nice bushy plant with as many colas as possible? Or is it a combination of any of the 3? HELP
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  3. Yeah supercropping FTW. I usually top, wait for new growth, supercrop, wait for new growth, top, then supercrop selected branches until flowering. Lst is pretty good too but sometimes i get fed up of all the string. Fimming I never experimented much with that one. These methods except LST stunts growth so expect a longer veg time.
  4. Fim is topping, and LST can be done with topping, or without topping. They will all lead to bushy plants.
  5. Some plants dont like being topped (FIM'd) though, I have 5 difernt random types and 1 hated it got stunted for a month, my big LST doens't even slow down if i cut it 10 places in 1 day.
  6. Gonna have to read about supercropping, what is it? Great info guys.
  7. what I have learned is that its depending on the strain and depending on what stage the plant is at and depending on lots of things

    but you can normally fim early on and if it dont take then turn it into a top latter - then lst the lower branches and end up with the middle ones coming up to the top

    look at my other posts and I posted pics that show what I am talking about
  8. topping and lst= bushy!
  9. all of these are usually used to make a nice short and bushy plant to help conserve space or just simply increase yield in larger grows. im not a huge fan of LST while growing, but its great for making a bonzai mum. i feel that flimming and SC definatly mean more yield even if it means you are flowering earlier for height.

    in my opinion, go 3 leaf sets, TOP it, let it recover SC, then FIM , then SC until flower.... anymore topping and fimming without a scrog set up is going to result in branches being too heavy for the stems...thats why i prefer a top befor any fimming.
  10. Hey its a couple months since the original post which way did you go amd are you glad?
  11. I strongly recommend lst, multiple tops, no cutting=no stress. I did to my 2 girls that I have going right now lst and supercropped, come check it out (link in my sig).
  12. Tempyr your almost at fo tweny...

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