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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by matty32, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. In london its the done thing to use a bit of cig in a spliff, and i for one agree with this method as it facilitates easier and smoother hits- but it tastes like shit.

    Normally i use a bong or pipe when smoking at home but i find this to be a hasstle when out and about. The obvious response to the taste problem would be just to smoke without cig in it, an i know most ppl on this forum wouldnt dream of smoking a splif with anything other dan pure green in it, but this is not an option. it would be just as hard 2 get ppl in da uk 2 smoke without cig as it would be 2 get most americans 2 skin up wiv bacco, an im not about to be that guy who wont smoke with the group an tokes up on his own

    I have thought about useing filters but not sure if they have an effect on potancy etc, does anyone have any othr suggestions as to how to get rid of the taste?

  2. rolled up piece of thick paper in the end. how don't you know of this? lol :p
  3. noooooo, he means filter as in taste, not filter to keep weed out your mouth.

    but to answer the OP, dont put cig filter in your spliff, it will rob you of THC
  4. i suspected this may be the case. cheers.
  5. Don't use a cigarette filter, that'll absorb most of the good stuff. Roll up a bit of cardboard. There is no reason to put baccy in a joint. I'm from the UK too, and I did it for a good while, but it's a waste of weed in my opinion, tastes shit, and doesn't burn any better (If your joints are pure and aren't burning properly, that's because you need to dry your weed out or stop picking up from people who sell it wet. Then grind it up properly too.)

    Make the switch to smoking pure. You say it's not an option and that other people won't smoke pure. I'm from the UK, and I smoke pure, it's a million times better, and I was once the same as you saying "Spliffs are the only way to go".

    If you prefer smoking bigger joints though, then the way to go about it is to throw down money on a bag with some mates. So say you're getting a bens, just put in £5 each, then roll a nice L or kings of pure green and smoke it between you - if its a good bag you should get two L's from it. Or if you're smoking with 3-4 people, throw down on a henry, etc.

    But yeah, roll up a bit of cardboard, make it nice and thin. Then just make sure you can breathe through it, if you can, but it's not too loose, put it in the joint ready to roll - if not, keep trying. You'll want about 0.7-1g of bud in a nice L, but trust me it'll get you blazed as hell even between a couple people with a pretty high tolerance.

    In terms of taste, you can't really filter it, but if you really have to use baccy, then just use a flavoured skin, like licorice rizlas.

    You know how all the UK newspapers talk about "Cannabis psychosis", etc? That's all bull, but I'm 99% sure from experience that mixing baccy with weed *does* have negative effects on your mental health. One's a psychedelic, one's a stimulant, not the best mix.

    Keep toking:smoke:
  6. wow, what the hell is a "bens" or a "henry"? i assume its UK street units of measurement for weed, but ive never heard that before, being from the 'states.

    can you enlighten me please?
  7. Henry slang for an 1/8 bag, as in King henry the eighth

    Bill an ben= ten in rhyming slang so a bens is 10 pounds worth of weed.
  8. im from the states and henry is sounding legit henry the eighth wooooooo lol
  9. lol when i first read "ten pounds" i was like OMG NO WAY

    then i smacked myself on the forehead and realized what u meant.
  10. fuck a filter, i want my thc. I only use crutches to keep buds out of my mouth.
  11. Adding a filter would rob you of THC and it would still probably taste like shit. It makes it harder to take big hits also. I would just start leaving the tobacco out and everyone around you will probably see how much better it is after a while.

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