Filter paper?

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  1. Is there any packs or such that has specialized filter paper? If so where can I get it and how much is it? If not what can I use for a filter?
  2. I don't remember what they're called but they exist. Maybe some headshops have them, should be available online. I just use a piece of a business card or other thick paper
  3. Get a pack of elements, they have filters in them you can tear out
  4. raws have them but to be honest just buy a pack of index cards and tear them into your crutches.

    Buying crutch paper is kinda dumb to be honest since they mark it up so much.
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    Phunky feel tips they're glass crutches they're awesome comes with 3 different shapes

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  6. whoaa..

    glass filters? // can we use this ove nd over?

    or is it one time use?

    i usually stick with blunts.. lol.

    nd joints from time to time..

    but i use those 3x5 cards as filters.
  7. You can use as much as u want resin does build up on em but just wash it every now and then I think they're like $19
  8. Those are pretty fucking sick, glass filters ?!?!?
  9. i would fuck with them hard
  10. brought to you by cypress hill...

  11. ^^^ just put the tip in

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