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  1. I'm looking for a new program to download music mostly but movies would be handy as well. I was using bearshare but that fucked up my PC and caused a bad crash, then I went on to limewire and now it doesn't work fuck knows why. Does anyone know any other good programs I could use to download music?
  2. Not sure if this applies, but...

  3. I think I'll try 2packed's idea first, perfekts one seems like too much of a mission and I'm a lazy bastard:smoking:
  4. Yeah but everyone always posts random vids and pics that have nothing to do with them, You can't open a page of any forum without seeing them and they make the community great. Like the tag of air force 1, class. What different is giving a link to a fileshare company? And it is not infringing (however you spell it:smoking:) their copyright as I am stealing no material and am intending to use that company's program as a customer.
  5. Yeah, definatley, personally i don't care. half my hard-drive is full because of Azerueus!

    Just don't want to see anybody banned because of a misunderstanding with the Admin.

    SoulSeek is all I use for music... and I have over 850 full albums...

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