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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Justin380, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. Ok so everyone downloads music, and probably everyone knows that the RIAA says they are prosecuting people for it, but heres my question. Has anyone or anyone you know actually gotten in any troublee for it. Im thinking they are just trying to scare us all out of it
  2. ive gotten a warning letter for sharing files off my ftp site. so i shut down my ftp, i was stupid tho, i had a view account. so i dont do that shit anymore.
  3. I use Shareaza, which connects to BitTorrent, eDonkey, Gnutella2, and Gnutella. I've never been warned or anything. With 4 networks, you can fill your hard drive up pretty quick. if you're interested.
  4. when my friend was d/l some stupid girly movie (for his girl :D ) from bittorrent, he got a message from MGM studios telling him if he continued the download they would take legal actions.... needless to say he stoped the d/l, but he still uses bittorrent, as do I, and he never got another warning message.

    ... could have just been some a-hole trying to scare him though
  5. i jus downloaded shareaza and how the hell do i use it? when i search for music it doesnt find anything, i jus wanted to know how do i start using it?


  6. I am stuck using DC++ at the moment because my school caps bandwidth on the good programs like mIRC, which is what I prefer.

    It was pretty funny, this kid down the hall from me had his computer searched b/c the school said he was serving Terminator 3. He never even had that file on his computer, and he never served anything. I wonder what the f made them think that he was serving it?

    BTW, I heard on thee news last night something about the RIAA going after college kids.
  7. same with me about sharezra, and I think I know why.

    The ISP for my DSL connection has a interior firewall, which I have to now pay $3 a month to have removed so I can host interenet games, and establish connections with BitTorrent (don't know why though, someone should fill me in on that)

  8. BitTorrent uses ports 6881 to 6889. My guess is this firewall is blocking these ports.....

    Edit: Here's a great resource for info about BitTorrent:
  9. hmm, so the only way to get around a firewall from the ISP would be to pay them to turn it off? Or does Indy know any tricks of the trade? :D lol
  10. Since the firewall is running straight from your ISP and not your home network (if it was running from your home network, no problem. I'd just tell you how to use port forwarding), it would constitute a direct violation of the DMCA (A position you do not want to be in), and most likely several other federal laws as well.

    In short, I'm sure it can be bypassed (LOL, I haven't found a firewall that can't yet) but it's probably a safer bet to eat the 3 bucks. And also, most ISP's will have you pay to use the firewall, so this is kind of a weird deal you're in Cow.
  11. yea.... I'm pretty sure the philosophy of all our TV/Interenet providers is something like "fuck 'em"

    Not much I can do about it though, expect pay them $3 a month and say to myself "fuck 'em"

    So they usually pay you to have a firewall? Maybe I was wrong then, because I got the information from my dad (he has a serious case of stml lol) and he didn't sound to sure about what he said, looks like I'll call them back up\

    thanks indy! Da*n, its about time for a Indy appreciation thread! :D

  12. Whoops, maybe I worded that wrong. Instead of you paying 3 dollars per month to not use their firewall, you usually pay a few dollars extra per month to be able to use it.

    And you're more than welcome Cow. :D
  13. Ah the BPI ( british phonography industry) are after all of us here in the Uk now :(, these industries are just bringing the death to the variety of music porduced and the success of some bands. Because of music downloads ive spent lots of money on concert tickets, its just these recording industries being greedy.

  14. Yea but many bands won't get sufficient tour support($$) from their label if they don't sell enough cds.

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