File formats for the KINDLE?

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  1. My mom and I were going to get Kindles for x-mas but I had a few questions. I am big into pirating (sorry if aren't supposed to talk about other illegal activities, a mod can edit that part out) and I want to know if I could download ebooks for it? I know it supports PDF files but the actual ebooks are in the AZW format. Would regular PDF files be displayed the same way as AZW? I want a Kindle but not if I have to buy every single book :laughing:

  2. Dunno much about files and format, but know my niece has a kindle and doesn't buy any books. So, there is a way! Guess you ought to Google it and find out how she does! I don't trust the pirate on my PC! Might hack in like she does to her Dad's accts.
  3. I have more pdf than any other types of files in mine too haha
    Mine is kindle keyboard so I am not sure if the newer ones will read things differently.

    pdf will display like the pages on the pdf, the text would be pretty small. I usually reorient my kindle to the side so i only scroll up and down when I read pdfs. (you can scroll side to side and up and down if you want but that is too much of a pain to me)

    txt files works pretty good on it actually so if you no need images it might actually be easier than pdf files.
  4. You can torrent huge collections of kindle books if you look. They'll be in Kindle format too.
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    sweet thanks for the info. I frequent a lot of sites so it shouldn't be a problem I just never looked before lol.

    We are thinking about getting this one.
    [ame=""]Kindle Touch[/ame]

    Nice to know :D

    EDIT: Just found about 15GB worth of books so yeah I'm getting one! :D
  6. thanks to this thread i now also have 960+ kindle books on my macbook, ready for me to load onto my droid razr at any moment. thank you for the encouraging thread, i may actually read books now.
  7. :laughing: No problem man :D
  8. Get Kindle
    Download any format of ebook
    Get Calibre
    Turn any format into Kindle format
  9. honestly these ereaders will be outdated in a year go all out and get an iPad imo.

  10. Ipad is a back lite lcd screen that is horrible for long bouts of reading the kindle is some crazy e-ink shit that is is just like reading a real book but even better!

  11. If ipad has a 2month battery life I would consider it.
  12. :laughing: How long until the ipad 3 comes out? Apple comes out with a new version every couple of months so by your logic it is just as much of a waste lol.
  13. I love my kindle touch and I kind a want a kindle fire just to read comic books on!
  14. Just got kindle fire. To anyone who's considering it, I'd say scoop one up it's the shit!
  15. [quote name='"mrgoodsmoke"']Just got kindle fire. To anyone who's considering it, I'd say scoop one up it's the shit![/quote]

    Yes definitely. And I've had a kindle since the first one came out. This ones great.

    And to the guy who said get an iPad. If I stare at mine for more than an hour I need a fucking bottle of advil. Kindle has such a nice, easy on the eyes screen
  16. Yeah that lcd screen will kill your eyes lol. The kindle has that awesome looking screen! It looks like it's not even on!

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